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$16,728 Social Security: Is it possible to get an annual bonus of $16,728 in the United States?

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Check Social Security Details of $16,728: Is it possible to get $16,728 annual bonus in USA? Here. If you are retiring soon or planning a retirement plan, you should be aware of the annual premium of $16,728. We discussed the details of the $16,728 Social Security in this article.

$16,728 Social Security

There are some rumors regarding the annual increase in the Social Security benefit bonus. Millions of people are confused with the latest news regarding the annual bonus. According to updates, authorities announced that retirees will receive an annual bonus of $16,728.

The annual bonus depends on many criteria to be respected when paying taxes. The bonus will not be distributed to all beneficiaries. Only eligible candidates will receive the increased bonus. Scroll down the article to know the calculation and the possibility of receiving the annual bonus.

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Is it possible to get an annual bonus of $16,728 in the USA?

The annual bonus will be paid by the SSA by the end of the year. Or at the start of the exercise. Many older Americans rely on issued savings for retirement. Few people even try to increase the amount of their monthly salary.

$16,728 social security

Eligible applicants can receive a minimum annual bonus of $16,728. The annual bonus depends on tax returns paid during employment. The amount of the bonus could increase if the candidate pays more tax credits. The bonus will be paid to all SSI and SSDI benefits.

Strategies for receiving the annual bonus

If the candidate plans to take advantage of social security benefits and retirement plans, here are some strategies to increase monthly salaries and receive the annual bonus.

Earn more

The more money you earn during your employment period, the more benefits you will receive during retirement days. Candidates are advised to save more while working to have more savings. Teenagers who are about to plan their retirement benefits should come up with how and where they want to live during retirement as well as the necessary expenses during retirement to better plan their retirement benefits. With a higher salary, it will be easier to receive the bonus.

Late retirement

With early retirement age, applicants can claim 30 percent of their tax credits in the form of monthly paychecks. According to authorities in sub-Saharan Africa, the ideal age to retire is 67. Applicants who are working above 67 years of age will receive an additional benefit based on their earnings during retirement age.

Here is the summary of the percentage of bonuses that the candidate will receive depending on retirement age.

Retirement age

Percentage of amount received


70 percent


75 percent


80 percent


85.6 percent


93.3 percent


100 per cent


108 percent


116 percent


124 percent

Retirees can use the references in this table to check the calculation of the bonus received.

Claim the spousal benefit

This process for claiming contributory benefits does not apply to all applicants. Those entitled to survivor benefits or disability benefits only apply to the spousal benefit. According to the SSA procedure, the spouse can claim half of their partner’s contribution.

How is the social security bonus calculated?

SSA authorities collect data regarding employment data and personal expenditures throughout the year. The data is used for the three-part process. Indexed average monthly income, primary insurance and age limit are the essential elements to calculate the bonus.

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Average indexed monthly income: AIME collects data on the period of employment. Among these years, they filter the best 35 years of work and the income from these years is taken into account for the calculation. The bonus eligibility threshold is $160,200.

Primary insurance amount: PIA is used to calculate the retirement age and the amount saved till the retirement date. According to PIA analysis, 70 percent of Americans retire at age 66 years and 2 months. The 90 percent of the first allocation corresponds to the PIA amount. For the amount above $6,721, 32% will be received corresponding to the PIA amount of $1,115.

The age limit: The age to claim the amount will help in calculating the maximum salary issued to the candidates. If candidates retire at an early age, the bonus check will be less. If candidates are willing to work more until age 70, they will receive a bonus for their work after retirement.

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