5-year-old Inkster girl on hospice gets early Christmas party

Inkster, Michigan (WXYZ) — The spirit of Christmas is all about giving. Whether it’s December or September, some people always need a little help.

“She has been fighting cancer for three years. She has stage 4 neuroblastoma. Three weeks ago she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and became inoperable,” mother Meganhill said of her daughter Marea. rice field.

Marea is only 5 years old. Like most children of her age, she loves Christmas. Her family, now at home in hospice, is celebrating her end.

“She’s been in the hospital a lot for three years and wanted to go home. You should go home and spend your time comfortably,” Megan said.

With limited time left, the community confirmed that this holiday season was special and wanted to raise it a bit sooner with the help of a local charity.

“I knew and thought about Marea.” This is her last Christmas. We have to do something about it, “said Lisa Kujawa.

Kujawa was with the Golden Key Charity and put together a lot of this. Set up a Christmas carol and bring a first responder to make sure Santa has made his annual trip a little faster.

“It’s very heartwarming to see how many people have loved her and how many she has touched in five or five years,” Megan said.

It’s Christmas that the Hill family will never forget. When dozens of gifts were piled up at Marea’s feet, the most special of all was sitting in front and in the center with a perfect smile on Christmas morning.

“She’s the youngest of seven, so Christmas after this isn’t the same,” Megan said.

GoFundMe for Marea is also here

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