Barcelona FC Approves Budget and Settles 2022/23 Season with Positive Financial Outlook

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In a significant move, the members of the Barcelona FC Assembly have voted in favor of both the settlement of the 2022/23 financial season and the budget for the ongoing 2023/24 season. The decisions, marked by a substantial majority, represent a pivotal moment for the club’s financial stability and future prospects.

Settlement of the 2022/23 Season

With a decisive majority of 376 votes in favor, 45 against, and 20 spoiled ballots, the Assembly approved the financial settlement for the 2022/23 season. Economic Vice President Eduard Romeu presented figures that were already publicly available, revealing after-tax profits of approximately 304 million euros. This exceeded the initial budgeted prediction of 274 million euros, showcasing a remarkable financial turnaround.

The reduction of debt to below 1.2 billion euros and the eradication of negative equity have been pivotal achievements for the club. These developments not only contribute to the peace of mind of members but also enhance the club’s credibility and solvency, making it more appealing to investors.

For the 2022/23 season, the club reported a total income of 1.259 billion euros, with outgoings amounting to 1.165 billion euros. This financial discipline allowed for a reduction in net debt for the second consecutive season, declining from 680 million euros in June 2021 to approximately 552 million euros in June 2023.

Commercially, profits rose by 43%, yielding 351 million euros, while the club’s facilities generated 229 million euros, exceeding budget predictions by 14%. Notably, an extraordinary sale of 15% of audiovisual rights for men’s football injected a substantial 400 million euros into the club’s accounts.

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barcelona fc approves budget and settles 2022/23 season with positive financial outlook
Barcelona Fc Approves Budget And Settles 2022/23 Season With Positive Financial Outlook

Budget for the 2023/24 Season

The Assembly also ratified the budget for the current 2023/24 season, which envisions an income of 859 million euros and after-tax profits of approximately 11 million euros. The club is confident in ending the season with a positive financial outcome, despite reduced income due to the move to the Estadi Olímpic.

Key elements contributing to this optimistic financial outlook include a substantial increase in predicted income from the commercial area, totaling 378 million euros, and a rise in media income to 245 million euros, anticipated due to progress in the Champions League. Measures to contain outgoings, including a 27% reduction in the wage bill for professional teams, are expected to further bolster financial stability.

Economic Vice President Eduard Romeu emphasized the importance of making tough decisions to achieve financial sustainability. Cutbacks in salaries and operational costs, while maintaining the quality of the squad, have been crucial to achieving these goals. Romeu highlighted that the budget for the wage bill is now the lowest it has been in eight years.

Ratification of Agreement with TP Vision

Additionally, the Assembly ratified the agreement between Barcelona FC and TP Vision for the Ambilight TV brand to appear on the left sleeve of the men’s football first team jersey. This agreement, signed in May, signifies a significant addition to the club’s sponsorship ecosystem.

In his presentation, Vice President for the Area of Marketing, Juli Guiu, underlined the strategic importance of the agreement with Ambilight. The club celebrated a record year in the commercial area, attracting 20 new sponsors. Guiu emphasized that the agreement would provide the necessary resources and cutting-edge technology for various facilities used by the professional sports teams.

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The partnership with TP Vision solidifies their position as the Main Partner for TV, Display, and Sound Devices, aligning with Barcelona FC’s commitment to innovation and excellence in sports and technology.

Barcelona FC remains on a positive financial trajectory, and these approved decisions mark a significant step toward sustainable growth and long-term success.