Big Relief To Students: Not Mandatory To Give Class 10, 12 Board Twice A Year, Says Govt

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In a move aimed at alleviating the mounting pressure on students in India, the government has announced that it will no longer be mandatory for students to take the class 10 and 12 board exams twice a year. This decision comes as a response to the overwhelming stress and anxiety faced by students during these crucial examinations.

Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan made the official announcement, emphasizing that students will now have the choice to attempt the class 10 and 12 board exams twice a year, similar to the format of engineering entrance exams like JEE. However, Pradhan was quick to clarify that this option would not be compulsory, providing students with the freedom to decide the best approach for their academic journey.

“The students will have the option of appearing for the (class 10 and 12 board) exams twice a year just like engineering entrance exam JEE. They can choose the best score… but it will be completely optional, no compulsion,” Pradhan stated. He further noted, “If any student feels that he is completely prepared and is satisfied with the score in the first set of exams, he can choose not to appear for the next exams. Nothing will be mandatory.”

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Big Relief To Students: Not Mandatory To Give Class 10, 12 Board Twice A Year, Says Govt 3

The decision to introduce the option of board exams twice a year stems from the New Curriculum Framework (NCF) announced by the Ministry of Education in August. The NCF aims to provide students with ample opportunities to perform well and obtain their best scores, thereby reducing the immense stress associated with a single, high-stakes examination.

The introduction of this new format is part of the broader reforms outlined in the New Education Policy (NEP) 2020. The NEP represents a comprehensive framework designed to shape the future of education in India. In addition to the option of two board exams per year, the NCF includes other significant changes, such as:

  • Students in Classes 9 and 10 will learn three languages, with at least two being native Indian languages.
  • In Classes 11 and 12, students will study two languages, including one of Indian origin.
  • The number of mandatory subjects for Classes 9 and 10 is seven, and for Classes 11 and 12 is six. This marks a departure from the previous system, where students in Classes 9 to 12 studied five mandatory subjects with the option to add one more.
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The government’s decision to make class 10 and 12 board exams optional twice a year is expected to provide students with greater flexibility and relieve the intense pressure associated with these crucial examinations, ultimately promoting a more balanced and less stressful learning environment.