Bihar Train Accident: 21 Coaches Derail in Baksa, Bihar

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A horrifying train accident occurred at Raghunathpur station in Baksa, Bihar, on Wednesday night. The train involved was reportedly en route from Anand Vihar. 21 coaches of the train derailed from the tracks. Watch the video to see what happened and when.

Updated Bihar Train Accident News: A Sudden Shock and Chaos

A sudden, loud noise sent shockwaves through the area, leaving everyone in a state of disbelief. The fear of an unforeseen catastrophe robbed people of their sleep. As soon as it became known that the train had met with a tragic accident, chaos ensued. Shouts and cries filled the air, and darkness surrounded the scene. The incident highlighted the essence of humanity and society as people from villages even 15-20 kilometers away were seen rushing to the site, running out of breath.

Jai Mangal Pandey, Baksa: The night had grown deep. The pantry car staff had served dinner to the passengers, and people were preparing to sleep. Some had even laid out their blankets. The North East Express, traveling from Anand Vihar to Kamakhya, was speeding along the tracks when, all of a sudden, a loud noise disrupted everything. The atmosphere was tense. The local markets were closed due to the late hour, but the news of the accident spread like wildfire. People from nearby villages also ran towards the site.

Coaches Were Off the Rails

The coaches were off the tracks. The AC coach had turned upside down and crossed over from the downline to the upline. The accident took place near the western side of Raghunathpur station. Since it was nighttime, the nearby markets were closed, but news of the incident quickly spread in all directions. This incident depicted the essence of society and humanity as people from villages even 15-20 kilometers away were seen rushing to help, using whatever means they had at their disposal to reach the scene.

bihar train accident: 21 coaches derail in baksa, bihar
Bihar Train Accident: 21 Coaches Derail In Baksa, Bihar 3

Dozens of People Rushed to Aid

People had come to help from the Daira area as well. Residents from Bharakhwar, Rahthua, Kant, Kaithi, Dhodhanpur, Babudera, and other villages had arrived in large numbers. Hope shone in the eyes of the injured. Brahmampur police station chief Ranjit Kumar was the first to arrive at the scene. The administrative team from the headquarters reached the spot after about an hour. By then, rural passengers had started helping with rescue efforts. Since the area was in darkness, providing relief posed a challenge, so the locals brought generators to provide light. Some ran to fetch water, some helped get children out, and some assisted in putting the injured in ambulances. Everyone did their part.

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On one side, lives were in danger, and efforts were being made to save them. On the other side, some were trying to take advantage of the disaster. One person was seen running away with a passenger’s bag, drawing the attention of others. He was caught, and the bag, containing valuables, was handed over to the police. The police gave him a warning and let him go, but he was unfazed. He was later seen cleaning his hands of the incident. This time, people gave him a thorough beating. There was another scene as well, with passengers’ belongings scattered, tracks blocked, and coaches overturned.

Chaos Lasted Until Midnight

The incident was terrifying. The night was deep, and even at 12:30 AM, a crowd had gathered. Anju Devi from Danapur was on the train from Varanasi. She had no idea that a disaster was about to happen shortly. Her family was also on board. She explained that the train was crowded. She was standing in the gallery of the sleeper coach with her daughter and grandchildren. Suddenly, the train jerked, causing other passengers to fall on them, and everyone began stepping on each other. She was trembling in fear and managed to escape. Ambulances had already arrived. The seriously injured were being treated at Raghunathpur health center, and they were being sent to Baksa. The seriously injured passengers were sent to Patna. A crowd had gathered at Baksa station. Train operations were halted. Sirens blared as ambulances raced, although by this time, the situation had been brought under control to a great extent.

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Bihar Train Tragedy or Conspiracy?

The Bihar train accident has raised several questions on social media. Many people are asking whether the Bihar train tragedy was part of a conspiracy. Preliminary investigations have revealed that the tracks at several locations were found damaged. However, the exact cause of the Bihar train accident is still not clear.