Businessman Speaks Out: Affidavit Denies Pressure, Sparks Parliamentary Scandal

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In a stunning turn of events, businessman Darshan Hiranandani has broken his silence regarding the controversial affidavit that has rocked Indian politics. Hiranandani, whose explosive affidavit implicates Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra in a “cash-for-query” scandal, vehemently denied filing the document under any form of pressure. Moitra, meanwhile, contends that the Prime Minister’s Office manipulated Hiranandani into signing a white paper, which was later leaked to the press.

Speaking to Times Now, Hiranandani stated that he felt compelled to address the allegations as they directly implicated him, leading to immense public scrutiny. He confirmed that he had utilized Mahua Moitra’s parliamentary login ID and password to submit questions from Dubai, an action that, if proven, could result in a breach of parliamentary privilege and her suspension from the Indian Parliament.

Hiranandani described his actions as a “crazy error of judgment” and deeply regrettable, expressing his embarrassment and acknowledging that it has had indirect implications for his company. He emphasized the importance of revealing the truth in the face of such allegations and noted that he has already sent his affidavit to both the Central Bureau of Investigation and the Parliamentary Ethics Committee for their consideration.

In response to the explosive affidavit, Mahua Moitra raised questions about the authenticity of Hiranandani’s claims and the motive behind his actions. She has yet to be summoned by investigative agencies, and she has accused the Prime Minister’s Office of coercing Hiranandani into signing the document. Moitra’s statement posted on X, formerly Twitter, has expressed skepticism over the timing and credibility of the revelations.

affidavit denies pressure, sparks parliamentary scandal
Businessman Speaks Out: Affidavit Denies Pressure, Sparks Parliamentary Scandal 3

Regarding the use of her login credentials and BJP MP Nishikant Dubey’s call for an investigation, Moitra demanded full transparency and requested the release of all details of MPs’ online activities to demonstrate their physical presence during logins. She argued that parliamentary work often involves the assistance of personal aides, interns, and staff, further emphasizing the need for an inquiry into the matter.

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Advocate Jai Anand Dehadrai’s complaint to the CBI, followed by Nishikant Dubey’s request for the immediate suspension of Moitra, has heightened the tension surrounding this scandal. Dubey alleged that Moitra “took bribes to ask questions” in parliament to target the Adani group and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He has formally written to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, accusing Moitra of breach of parliamentary privilege, contempt of the House, and criminal conspiracy. The matter is currently under review by the Ethics Committee.

In response to these accusations, Mahua Moitra welcomed any inquiry and pointed out that there are multiple breach of privilege cases pending against other BJP members. She expressed her readiness to face any motion against her once the Speaker deals with those cases.

Hiranandani’s affidavit detailed the alleged collaboration between him and Moitra, suggesting that Moitra believed attacking Adani Group chief Gautam Adani was the key to targeting Prime Minister Modi. Moitra reportedly shared her parliamentary login details with Hiranandani to frame questions, and he went along with the idea in the hope of garnering support in Opposition-ruled states. Hiranandani further claimed that Moitra received support from journalists, Opposition leaders, and former Adani Group employees who provided her with unverified information. Among those named in the affidavit was Sucheta Dalal, who has denied the allegations in a post on X.

The unfolding scandal has sent shockwaves through the Indian political landscape, with both sides of the aisle and the investigative agencies closely monitoring the situation. As the CBI and the Ethics Committee delve deeper into the allegations, more revelations and twists are expected in the coming weeks.

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