Costco Black Friday 2023 Deals: Discounts on Tech Galore

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With Black Friday just around the corner, Costco has unveiled its Black Friday 2023 deals, and tech enthusiasts are in for a treat. The renowned wholesaler is set to offer a wide range of discounts on televisions, computers, monitors, and more, with this year’s sale being divided into three distinct phases. While the gaming deals are somewhat limited, there are notable discounts on tech gadgets such as the Meta Quest 2 VR headset and the Backbone One PlayStation Edition for iPhone.

Black Friday sales at Costco have evolved into a more extensive holiday season event, spanning three phases to accommodate both online and warehouse shoppers. The first phase, running from October 30 through November 12, kicks off the savings season, offering a plethora of tech deals. The second phase, from November 13 through 27, refreshes the discounts, both online and in-warehouse. Finally, the third and final phase coincides with Black Friday, extending through the weekend from November 24 through 27, with an early digital-only start on Thanksgiving, November 23.

One of the standout deals in the tech category is the array of television discounts. Costco is set to offer a massive 85″ Samsung Neo QLED 8K LCD TV for $3,999, available starting October 30. Additionally, there are options in the Samsung Neo QLED, OLED, and UHD 4K categories, ranging from 85″ to 55″. The second phase, beginning on November 13, brings colossal savings, with a 70″ Samsung 4K UHD TV priced at $479.99 and an LG 75″ 4K UHD TV available for $579.99. The most affordable TV deal of the season arrives on Thanksgiving Day, with an online-only offer of $89.99 for a 32″ 720p Hisense LED LCD TV.

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costco black friday 2023 deals: discounts on tech galore
Costco Black Friday 2023 Deals

Costco Black Friday Tech Deals Include

  • $999.99 – HP Victus 16.1″ 144Hz Gaming Laptop (October 30 through November 12)
  • $3,999.99 – Samsung 85″ 8K Neo QLED LCD TV (October 30 through November 12)
  • $799.99 – Samsung 49″ Odyssey Curved Gaming Monitor (October 30 through November 12)
  • $479.99 – Samsung 70″ 4K Crystal UHD LED LCD TV (November 13 through November 27)
  • $249.99 – Acer Nitro 34″ Curved Gaming Monitor (November 13 through November 27)
  • $74.99 – Backbone One PlayStation Edition for iPhone (November 24 through November 27)
  • $289.99 – Meta Quest 2 256GB VR Headset (November 24 through November 27)

PC gamers are not left out, with attractive options for both desktops and laptops. From October 30 through November 12, a $999.99 HP Victus 16.1″ gaming laptop featuring an Nvidia 4060 graphics card will be available, as well as a $799.99 Samsung 49″ Odyssey curved monitor. From November 24 through 27, customers can grab a $1,299.99 MSI 16″ laptop with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 graphics card, a $1,299.99 MSI Aegis R gaming desktop, and an Acer 31.5″ 165Hz curved monitor. Cyber Monday will see a $999 Dell Inspiron 27″ touchscreen desktop available.

Mobile devices, including tablets and phones, also make an appearance in the sale. An “iPad Savings Event” is slated between October 30 and November 12, although specific prices are yet to be revealed. AT&T plans to offer packaged Samsung Galaxy S23 bundles, and there’s a significant $400 discount on a Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Bundle, bringing it down to $1,399. For those on a budget, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 10.5″ tablet will be available for $189.99.

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While gaming deals are somewhat limited this year, two noteworthy offers include the last-gen Meta Quest 2 256GB VR headset discounted to $289.99 from November 24 to 27. Additionally, mobile gamers may be interested in the $74.99 offer for a Backbone One PlayStation Edition for iPhone. Gamers looking for more deals may want to visit Costco or check out starting on Black Friday and through the weekend. Remember, these deals are exclusive to Costco members.