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Cyclone Kirrily Disaster Relief Payment, Eligibility and How to Apply?

Written by The Anand Market

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Residents and local councils can now get help with response and recovery costs through the Tropical Cyclone Kirrily Disaster Relief Scheme. Residents of Burdekin Shire Council and Townsville City Council can now apply for numerous grants ranging from $180 to $200 for individuals and $900 to $4,200 for families of five or more members.

Cyclone Kirrily Disaster Relief Payment

Townsville City Council, Burdekin and Hinchinbrook Shire Councils and Palm Island Aboriginal Shire Council have all requested disaster assistance to help cover the costs of responding to and repairing Tropical Cyclone Kirrily.

Thanks to disaster recovery funding deals jointly funded by the federal and Queensland governments, grants of up to $180 for individuals and up to $900 for families of five or more were announced on Saturday night.

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After ex-Tropical Storm Kirrily toppled trees and downed power lines in the state’s northeast, a Queensland town is back in recovery as new flood warnings are issued. room for other regions.

Overnight, 270 calls for help were received by the Queensland State Emergency Service, most of which were for fallen trees, power lines and debris. At the height of the storm, 66,000 homes were without power, and as of this morning, approximately 49,000 residences remained without power.

Cyclone Kirrily Disaster Relief Payment Eligibility

You are eligible for the Cyclone Kirrily Disaster Relief Payment if you meet the following conditions.

  • To submit an application onlineon, you must be at least eighteen years old and provide proof of identity (ID), bank account information, a working email address, driver’s license, and a Medicare card.
  • Other types of identification are allowed if you do not have them. Call 1800 173 349 to reach the Community Recovery Hotline.
  • You will be in eligible areas such as Burdekin Shire Local Government Area, Townsville City Local Government Area, Hinchinbrook Shire Councils and Palm Island Aboriginal Shire Council.
  • You have proof of lost items and you meet all other requirements before applying.
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What subsidies will be linked to disaster relief payments related to Cyclone Kirrily?

As the aftermath of Tropical Cyclone Kirrily moves towards North Queensland, thousands of Townsville residents are still without power. On Thursday evening, strong gusts and 100 to 150 mm of rain were recorded in some areas, although there was little evidence of property damage.

cyclone kirrily disaster relief payment

Relief payments were made to eligible victims of the disease.ters under the DRFA. On this occasion, the grants listed below were triggered. Fill out the form above to see which of these rewards you might qualify for.

Emergency help in case of difficulties

The Emergency Hardship Grant covers needstsuch as clothing, food, medicine, shelter and basic necessities. This includes the suffering caused by a power outage that forces individuals to throw away expired food or medicine.

If you have suffered personal hardship, are stuck in the affected area and are unable to meet your urgent basic needs, you may be eligible for this assistance. For single people, the amount of the subsidy varies from $180 to $900 for families of five or more members.

Assistance in case of difficulties related to essential services

Assistance for basic utilities, including electricity, gas, water and wastewater, is provided through the Essential Services Hardship Assistance grant.

If you reside in the affected area, have lost one or more necessary services for more than five days and are experiencing personal hardship as a result, you may be eligible for this grant.

The utility provider(s) attests to the fact that you were deprived of these necessary services. $150 for individuals and up to $750 for families of five or more members are provided as part of this assistance.

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Where and how to apply for a Cyclone Kirrily disaster relief payment?

Residents who are going through difficult times can apply for funding and get emotional and wellbeing support at Community Recovery Hubs. Our Community Recovery staff members will assist with grant applications and provide recommendations to other government and community organizations for additional support.

Please contact the Community Recovery Hotline on 1800 173 349 if you require assistance. Please use Community Recovery Grants Online to submit your application if you meet the eligibility requirements and reside in the region mentioned above.

You can also call the Community Recovery Hotline on 1800 173 349 for support. Follow the steps below if you wish to apply online.

  • Go to the official website and read the entire page carefully.
  • Gather all the necessary information, then click “Start Application”.
  • You can indicate the type of assistant you want and here you can request information and attach documents.
  • After completing all requirements, click “Submit” and wait for approval.

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