Delhi Rs 25 Crore Heist: 3 Accused Arrested, Some Gold Recovered

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Delhi Rs 25 Crore Heist: In a significant development regarding the sensational jewelry heist valued at ₹25 crore in Delhi, law enforcement authorities have made a major breakthrough. Today, in a joint operation, the Delhi Police, along with local authorities in Chhattisgarh, apprehended three individuals believed to be connected to the audacious crime. The arrested suspects have been identified as the primary accused, Lokesh Srivastava, Shiva Chandravanshi, and an unnamed third individual.

During the operation, a substantial quantity of stolen gold was successfully recovered. It has come to light that this criminal group had previously executed similar heists in both Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh, indicating a pattern of criminal activity.

delhi rs 25 crore heist
Delhi Rs 25 Crore Heist

The initial incident took place at Umrao Jewellers, a prominent jewelry store located in the Jangpura area of south Delhi. The thieves made off with ornaments estimated to be worth between ₹20-25 crore. The burglary occurred between Sunday evening and Thursday morning at the Umrao Jewellers branch situated in the Bhogal locality.

The modus operandi employed by the thieves was intricate. They gained access to the terrace of a four-story building adjacent to the jewelry store and subsequently descended to the ground floor, where the secure strongroom was located. In a calculated move, they disabled the CCTV surveillance cameras to avoid detection and then proceeded to drill a hole through the wall, providing them access to the locker.

In addition to the valuables stored within the locker, the thieves also managed to seize a significant amount of jewelry that was on display within the showroom.

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