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Greek PM sacks police minister in mini reshuffle, key positions left unchanged

Written by The Anand Market

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ATHENS (Reuters) – Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis named a new police minister on Wednesday as part of a mini cabinet reshuffle aimed at strengthening his conservative government ahead of reforms expected this year.

A government official said earlier that the prime minister, re-elected in June 2023 and with a majority of eight seats in the 300-seat Parliament, wanted to take “targeted corrective measures”.

Mitsotakis left key ministers in place to signal policy continuity on the economy, defense and foreign affairs.

He replaced some ministers, including Michalis Chrysohoidis, who was moved from the Health Ministry to the Civil Protection Ministry – which oversees the police – replacing Giannis Oikonomou. Adonis Georgiadis was transferred from the Ministry of Labor to the Ministry of Health.

Chrysohoidis has held the civil protection post several times over the past two decades and was overseeing the ministry when Greece dismantled November 17, Greece’s deadliest guerrilla group, in 2002.

His reappointment comes after a series of violent incidents, including the death of a 31-year-old police officer who was injured by a flare during clashes that broke out during a volleyball match last month.

Earlier this week, Mitsotakis said 2024 would be the prelude to a new era for the country that needed “a precipitous wave of change” and that he believed European Parliament elections later this year would reaffirm stability policy.

Mitsotakis has promised to legalize same-sex marriage and his government is expected to introduce a bill paving the way for private universities to operate in the country. Both reforms will likely face opposition.

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