Here’s what you need to know about DTE Energy’s updated outage map

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DTE Energy has launched an updated outage map, accessible through its website and mobile app, as the metro Detroit area experiences strong gusts of wind. The new map comes equipped with additional features, such as guidelines for dealing with refrigerated and frozen food during power outages. The company has urged its customers to prepare for any potential disruptions in service and to utilize the map for real-time information on any outages. The launch of the updated map is part of DTE Energy’s ongoing efforts to improve its customer service and increase transparency in its communication with the public.

A simplified view of outage areas

DTE Energy’s updated outage map provides real-time information on the location and severity of any outages. By clicking on a specific location, customers can see how many outages are affecting that area, the number of customers impacted, and an estimated time for restoration. The map also includes a feature to quickly report an outage or downed power line.

dte energy's updated outage map
Dte Energy’S Updated Outage Map

This added functionality enhances customer engagement and improves the overall experience during any disruptions in service. The company’s commitment to transparency and efficient communication is evident through this updated tool, aimed at providing a better service to its customers.

Search by location, county, or zip code

With DTE Energy’s updated outage map, customers can access outage information more efficiently by searching based on location, county, or zip code. Additionally, the new version provides the ability to search for outages using a specific address and allows users to save addresses for easy access in the future. These features enhance the customer experience by providing more convenient and personalized access to outage information. By allowing customers to quickly and accurately identify outages in their area, DTE Energy is demonstrating its continued dedication to providing exceptional customer service.

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Frequent updates

DTE hopes to provide accurate and timely information to its customers and updates the map every 10 minutes. The weather radar is also frequently updated to highlight which areas may be impacted.

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