Hits Making Moves On The World Songs Chart

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With only four new songs debuting on the World Digital Songs Sales chart this time, it’s a relatively small number for a 25-spot list. Some popular cuts also return to the rankings, but some rise to significant heights again, maybe a few years ago, but fans prove they can’t get enough of some smash. doing.

Here are five tracks with remarkable movements on this week’s World Digital Song Sales Chart.

No.7-Luna-“I’m not a friend”

The highest-ranked debut on this week’s World Digital Song Sales Chart comes from Korean girl group Loona, whose new single “Not Friends” starts at number 7 in the latest version of the ranking.The song doesn’t seem to be in front of an upcoming collection from Act, but by producer Ryan Jun. Maxis by Ryan Jun Joint project. This cut seems to be Loona’s eighth top 10 hit on the world’s digital song sales charts.


It’s a pretty quiet time on the world’s digital song sales charts. In other words, there isn’t much competition this time around, so it’s possible that there will be more old trucks. BTS’s “filter” is one of two cuts that are bolted back to the top of the tally and enjoy another turn near the summit. The former leader is one of the band’s current top ten and one of the five songs currently on the list.

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No. 10-Tomorrow X Tiger-“Loser = Lover”

Just as BTS’s “Filter” lifted some spots on the world’s digital song sales charts and re-entered the top 10, Tomorrow X Together’ latest hit single “Loser = Lover” also No. 12 Ten.A cut that empowered the popular reissue of Korean bands Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape, Previously peaked at number 6.


The relatively new Korean girl group STAYC topped the World Digital Song Sales charts this week with their new single “Stereotype” from their debut EP of the same name. The song explodes to 16th place and leads them to the highest point of their new career. Their only other chart hit, the 2020 So Bad, stalled at No. 21 in a ranking of only 25 spots.


IM, one of the current six members of Korean pop band Monsta X, has been incredibly successful both in the group and on his own. He is currently familiar with the world’s digital song sales charts. As a soloist, while the new single “Loop” opens at No. 20, we are collecting what seems to be the sixth appearance. The cut is tied as the fourth highest chart, indicating that he is a powerful figure. It doesn’t matter how he releases the music.

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