Ida damage: NYPD releases video of officers wading into flooded Queens apartment building where 2-year-old, parents died

Queens Woodside (WABC)-NYPD is playing in the floods inside a Queens building, working to gain access to a basement apartment where a family of three was later found dead. We have released a video showing the police officer.

A video from one police officer’s body camera shows another police officer first reaching for opaque water and then sinking below the surface.

After that, he was quickly pulled back by another officer and appeared frustrated.

Police officers were trying to enter an underground apartment in a building on 64th Street on Woodside as heavy rains from the wreckage of Hurricane Ida struck the tristate on Wednesday night, causing widespread flash floods.

Police officers were trying to rescue 50-year-old Ang Gelu Lama, 48-year-old Mingma Sherpa, and a 2-year-old son who lived in the apartment.

“The police called for FDNY because of the door locks, rising water levels, and the vitality of electricity,” the NYPD said on Twitter.

When the FDNY specialists arrived, they found three dead.

Neighbors say the streets are frequently flooded and work is underway to solve the flood problem.

“The purpose of the construction was to prevent this from happening,” said the neighbor. “They disassembled the entire block, but obviously city planning didn’t make it work.”

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