Israelis Abroad Urged to Stay Alert as Hamas Calls for ‘Day of Rage’

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In a concerning turn of events, the National Security Council and Foreign Ministry of Israel have issued a warning to Israelis living abroad, urging them to stay vigilant as Hamas calls for an international “Day of Rage” scheduled for Friday, October 13. This ominous call comes amidst the backdrop of the recent conflict in the Middle East, often referred to as the “Swords of Iron war.”

The joint statement from the National Security Council and the Foreign Ministry states, “Against the background of the Swords of Iron war, the Hamas leadership issued a call to all their supporters in the world to hold a ‘Day of Rage’ this coming Friday, including a call to go out and harm Israelis and Jews. From this, it is likely that there will be protest events in various countries around the world, which may develop into violent events.”

This disturbing call to action raises concerns about the safety and security of Israeli nationals residing abroad, particularly in countries where the sentiment towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is strong. The NSC and Foreign Ministry have taken this opportunity to recommend safety measures for Israelis living outside their homeland.

day of rage
Israelis Abroad Urged To Stay Alert As Hamas Calls For 'Day Of Rage' 3

Their recommendations include staying vigilant, avoiding participation in demonstrations, and, if necessary, staying updated with local security forces regarding possible protests or riots. These precautions are intended to ensure the safety of Israelis abroad during this period of heightened tension.

The situation is exacerbated by former Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal’s recent call for Muslims and supporters worldwide to “mobilize for jihad” and gather on the designated “Day of Rage.” Meshaal’s rhetoric further underscores the urgency of the situation. He declared, “When the world sees that the nation has triumphed to Al-Aqsa, and the convoys of fighters have begun to go to shed their blood for the sake of Palestine, the scene will change. I say very clearly that this is the moment for the nation to engage in the battle and for us to fight together.”

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In response to these threats, local law enforcement agencies in cities worldwide have stepped up efforts to protect Jewish communities. Online threats from Hamas and other actors have raised alarms, prompting authorities to take necessary precautions. These actions aim to ensure the safety and security of Jewish communities as they face the prospect of violence stemming from the “Day of Rage.”

Furthermore, it is important to note that demonstrations, some of which could potentially escalate into violence, are being planned on campuses throughout the United States. This development highlights the global reach of this issue and the need for vigilance among Israelis living abroad.

In these uncertain times, the safety and security of individuals should always be a top priority. As Israelis around the world are urged to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions, it is essential for the international community to work together to promote peace, dialogue, and understanding, with the hope of preventing further escalation of violence in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.