Judge Won’t Stop NYC Mayor’s Homeless Removal Plans Right Now

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A judge said Wednesday that he will not immediately block New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ plan to take mentally ill people off the streets and seek treatment.

In a written order, US District Judge in Manhattan Paul A. Crotty said there is no evidence that irreparable harm is likely before ruling on a claim after further exploration of the subject in the coming weeks.

On November 29, Adams announced that he wanted city police and doctors to more aggressively remove mentally ill people from the streets and subways and get them treated.

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Advocates for people with mental illnesses want the plan to be halted, saying police should not be the first responders to people in need of health care.

Individuals and groups, including New York Attorneys for the Public Interest and the National Alliance on Mental Illness of New York, called on Crotty last week to request an immediate stay order.

During a hearing Monday, a city attorney said training for 30,000 first responders on the new initiative has yet to begin.

On Wednesday, Crotty set a schedule for debate on the issue that would extend through January.

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