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Karan Johar explains why he thinks Animal is the best film of 2023

Written by The Anand Market

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karan johar explains why he thinks animal is the best film of 2023

The image was shared on Instagram. (courtesy Karanjohar)

It’s no secret that Sandeep Reddy Vanga Animal took the box office by storm. With powerhouse performances, hit songs and gripping dialogues, Ranbir Kapoor’s film ended 2023 on a blockbuster note. Now, filmmaker Karan Johar has praised the action drama. During his appearance on the Pan-India Galatta Plus Roundtable 2023, Karan admitted that while he might receive “dirty looks” for saying that, for him Animal is “the best film of the year”. KJo said: “People came up to me after I talked about how much I loved Animaland said: “You have done Rocky and Rani,’ It’s the vaccination for a film like Animal. It’s the opposite extreme. I said I couldn’t disagree with you more, because Animal for me it’s the best film of the year. It took me a long time to come to this affirmation and a lot of courage because when you are surrounded by people, you are afraid of judgment. As at the time of Kabir Singh, which I also loved…I was like I’m going to say this and I’m going to get dirty looks from some people but I don’t care.

Explaining what he liked about the film, Karan Johar continued, “I loved it Animal for its cutting-edge, absolutely conviction-based, grammar-breaking, myth-busting, everything-you-think-is-conforming-to-mainstream-cinema storytelling. Suddenly you have an interval block where the hero is getting beaten up and everyone is singing a song… I’m like, “Where have you seen a sequence like this?” It’s genius.

During his conversation, the filmmaker also admitted to having tears in his eyes during the film’s climax. Karan Johar said, “The ending, where the two men are fighting and playing this song… I had tears in my eyes, but there was only blood. So I felt like there was something wrong with me or something wrong with him, but something overall was very right about this movie. »

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Renting Animal director Sandeep Reddy Vanga, KJo revealed that he had seen Ranbir Kapoor’s film twice. Karan Johar said, “He is not your average thinker. It’s the mind of someone so distinct, so individualistic that I was blown away. I saw the film twice, first to see it as an audience member and then to study it. I think the success and acceptance of Animal changes the situation. This will bring a tone and a syntax that does not exist. The construction of a scene… Like what I like about Sandeep, even in Kabir Singh And Arjun Reddy. I like the fact that he has a popular song, he plays it and then he stops it whenever he wants. Before the chorus comes out, he stops it, he starts it whenever he wants and he cuts the scene as needed. It’s like he’s telling a story with such conviction and that’s the conviction I want to have.

Karan Johar concluded by saying, “You can debate it, you can debate the politics, the scenes, but I am excited and engaged by the cinematography of this film. You get into the nitty-gritty of every movie and you can find flaws and red flags, but for me the biggest red flag is the talent of this man who conceptualized this movie. I saw so many good movies this year, but the only movie that taught me anything was this one.

Animal hits theaters on December 1st. Apart from Ranbir Kapoor, the film features Rashmika Mandanna, Bobby Deol, Triptii Dimri, Anil Kapoor and Shakti Kapoor.