Lego Brings Back Lord of the Rings with a $500 Rivendell Set

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Lego has announced a new 6,167-piece set of the elven sanctuary, Rivendell, from The Lord of the Rings franchise. This new set is set to provide fans with a small but intricately detailed representation of the famous location. It is a modest attempt in comparison to the 200,000-piece recreation of Rivendell created by Alice Finch and David Frank which has been showcased at multiple fan conventions.

lord of the rings
Lord Of The Rings

The $500 set includes room for the entire Fellowship of the Ring including Frodo, Samwise, Gandalf, Legolas, and more, as well as Elrond, Arwen, Bilbo, and others. Despite its relatively small size, Lego has not failed to include intricate details in this set, including new sword elements, Mithril armor for Frodo, and Bilbo working on his book. The set has been designed in a modular approach, with several distinct parts that can be built, a suggestion that was made by one of Lego’s own fans nearly a decade ago.

Lego has a long history of turning adult nostalgia into profits, with previous successful sets such as the Lion Knights’ Castle and the Home Alone house. However, budgets may be tighter this year, making the $500 Rivendell set more accessible to those with deeper pockets. The set will be available for Lego VIPs on March 5th and for everyone else on March 8th.

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