Leopard In Bangalore: citizens told not to venture out at night

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People in some neighborhoods of south-east Bengaluru are very worried because a leopard has been seen in the area near a school and apartment buildings. This has happened several times in the last two days.

Videos from security cameras that show the leopard in a parking area and by an elevator in one of the apartments have become very popular on social media.

The forest officials in Bengaluru are very busy because the leopard has been seen multiple times, especially at night, inside apartment buildings. To find and rescue the leopard, the forest department has sent more than 25 people to the area, along with veterinarians and sharpshooters to safely put the big cat to sleep.

They are also using two drone cameras to search for the leopard. Police and forest department workers are patrolling the streets and telling people not to go out alone, especially during the early morning and late at night.

N Ravindra Kumar, a forest official, said they told people not to go near trees in the evening or at night. They also warned people not to walk their pets in the area.

leopard in bangalore: citizens told not to venture out at night
Leopard In Bangalore: Citizens Told Not To Venture Out At Night

Drones deployed to trace leopard

The Deputy Conservator of Forests (DCF) has put two cages in different places based on where the leopard has been seen. They’ve also called a rescue team of veterinarians from Bannerghatta Biological Park and will use special cameras that can see in the dark.

They are using two drone cameras in areas with lots of plants to find the leopard. A forest officer said the leopard seems to be around two to three years old and might have come from either Bannerghatta National Park or from the dense plants near HSR Layout.

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The Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) for the southeast area said that they have assigned more than 20 police officers and two patrol cars to help the forest department find the leopard. He also said that people shouldn’t worry because the forest department will find and rescue the leopard, and they have made sure it’s safe for people living in the apartments.

They will have police officers around the apartments at night just to be careful.