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Look at the way Putin treats Russian billionaires

Written by The Anand Market

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Edward Luce, as always, gives us food for thought (“Wall Street’s deal with Trump,” Opinion, January 25).

Wall Street executives are rightly concerned about their and their companies’ relationships with the government in Washington, as well as the need to hedge their bets on the coming Biden-Trump showdown.

But in this particular context, it seems that Wall Street titans should prioritize the rule of law over narrow corporate interests. American democracy and the impartial rule of law provide the foundation for the success of individuals and businesses.

I find it astonishing that any American business leader could support Donald Trump or any other authoritarian-leaning candidate (no matter how much they think their taxes will be cut).

Why would they want to jeopardize their current status by helping elect someone who, regardless of resentment, would use any means to crush them and their businesses.

Given the choice between independence or a few extra dollars in their bank accounts, I suspect most business titans would prefer to live on their own terms.

Just look at Putin’s Russia to see how billionaires are treated under a dictatorship.

Marc Kaulas
Chicago, Illinois, United States

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