Maggi In A Milkshake: This Bizarre Dish Left Internet In Shock; See Pics

We Indians value Maggie very much in our hearts! Maggie was an important part of almost everyone’s childhood. When you get drunk with spicy and spicy Maggie, it makes people smile. This two minute noodle has evolved into so many unique and interesting dishes that we know and love today. From Maggi Manchurian to Punjabitadka Maggi, cooking experiments have produced excellent results. But not all experiments work for people. Reddit users are sharing Maggie dishes that can turn their heads. What do you think the dish is called? Maggie milkshake. See this post:

This seems unbelievable, right? Maggie has officially become a milkshake. Now, who thought that a delicious dish like Maggie could be turned into a drink? Many people on the internet did not. A post titled “Maggi Milkshake. Every day we are far from the light of God” was shared by @ u / mrfloyd on Reddit. There are 1.2k votes and over 200 comments. The photo shows two glass mugs filled with a white liquid that looks like milk, and plenty of maggie on top of the glass mugs. Maggie is full of green peas and carrot pieces. Not only that. This strange drink also got some reaction on Twitter.

See for yourself:

Obviously, many people don’t accept the idea that their beloved Maggie turns into a milkshake. This “blasphemy” is not everyone’s tea, but its presence proves that some people may enjoy this dish. What do you think about it? Can you complete this glass of Maggie Milkshake? Let us know your reaction to this drink in the comments!

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