Nana Patekar Apologizes Following Controversial Video: ‘This Happened by Mistake’

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Veteran actor Nana Patekar has issued a heartfelt apology after a video depicting him slapping a fan on the sets of his film went viral. In the statement, Patekar clarified that the incident occurred during a film shoot, and he mistook the fan for a crew member.

The video, which created a buzz on social media, captured a moment where Nana Patekar slapped a person attempting to take a selfie with him. In response to the incident, Patekar stated, “A video is going viral where I have hit a boy. Though this sequence is a part of our film, we had one rehearsal… We were about to begin when the boy in the video came in. I didn’t know who he was, I thought he was one of our crew so I slapped him as per the scene and I told him to leave.”

Patekar expressed regret over the misunderstanding and appealed for forgiveness, emphasizing that he would never intentionally harm anyone. He further clarified, “I have never said no to anybody for a photo. I don’t do this…This happened by mistake.”

The filmmaker, Anil Sharma, who directed the film in question, ‘Journey,’ also weighed in on the controversy. Sharma explained that the scene involving Patekar slapping a person was a scripted part of the movie. He urged the public to understand the context, stating, “Nana has not hit anyone. We were filming it on the road in the middle of Banaras, where a boy who comes near Nana has to be hit on the head.”

Sharma expressed concern that the leaked video misrepresented Patekar as a negative and rude actor, emphasizing that the incident was part of the film’s narrative. He concluded by requesting fans to comprehend the truth behind the video.

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The controversy has sparked discussions about the impact of viral videos on social media and the importance of understanding the context before passing judgment. As Nana Patekar resumes shooting for ‘Journey’ in Varanasi, the incident serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by celebrities in navigating public scrutiny.

Nana Patekar Apologizes Following Controversial Video