Neha Dhupia Is Driving Away The Monday Blues With A Fruity Indulgence

As you grow up, you can’t learn much, but do you remember our comfort as a kid? While enjoying a meal, you can spread it all over your face without worrying about others. It was a pure and innocent childhood, coupled with our true love for food. Well, if you forget it, don’t worry. A recent Instagram story by actress Neha Dhupia will bring you back to a sweet childhood.

In the first photo, the gorgeous dragon fruit is cut in half completely, and in the second photo, the face after Neha’s taste is depicted.

The post by Neha is:

Red and juicy dragon fruit looks fresh on the farm

Neha shows off her red lips after finishing the dragon fruit

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This isn’t the first time an actress has shared her food adventure with her Instagram. Neha continues to entertain her followers with her food Shenanigan. A few days ago she uploaded a photo of a chocolate chip cookie she chewed and tagged her friends. Cookies seemed worth drooling, to say the least. Have a look at this.

The actress expects a second baby with her husband Angado Bedi. A few days ago, they had a baby shower party for their friends and had a glimpse of the lip-sounding treats they enjoyed together. I was able to find a delicious cake and homemade tiramisu. There were many colorful hearts and edible baby boots to decorate the cake. Please check this out for details.

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Recently, Neha turned 41 and Angado celebrated her birthday at midnight. He uploaded a photo of a delicious cake cut by Neha. The cake was covered with chocolate ganache and looked really good. Click here for more information on Neha’s special occasions and, of course, sinful chocolate cakes.

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What do you think of Neha’s food adventure? Is there a way to go back to her dragon fruit post and devour food that reminds you of your childhood?


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