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NFL playoffs expect severe weather for Chiefs and Bills games

Written by The Anand Market

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The Kansas City Chiefs will play at home against the Miami Dolphins Saturday night in what will likely be dangerously cold temperatures, but your sympathies should probably be directed toward the visiting team.

A wind chill warning will be in effect across the region from Friday evening through Tuesday afternoon, according to the National Weather Service. Wind chills will be 15 to 35 degrees below zero on Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights, the service predicted, and temperatures will be “well below freezing” during those evenings.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes generally played well in inclement weather, and the Dolphins practiced most of the week in South Florida, although Kansas City coach Andy Reid told reporters earlier this week: “You can’t count on it. This is where you get into trouble. We don’t have snowball fights.

The highest temperature in Kansas City Saturday afternoon will be 5 degrees, according to the forecast, although that could change before kickoff at 8 p.m. Eastern. At least the Dolphins hope so.

Cold temperatures come as teams begin to compete in the NFL wild-card round. playoffs. The Buffalo Bills will play at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday afternoon in the middle a winter storm watch This forecasts snow and high winds, which are expected to begin Saturday afternoon and continue through Monday morning.

But football fans shouldn’t worry too much. They know, especially in Buffalo, that games continue regardless of weather conditions.

In 2022, the Bills clinched a playoff spot against the Dolphins in a blizzard in 27-degree weather while shirtless Buffalo fans had snowball fights. A month earlier, however, the Bills were forced to move a home game against the Cleveland Browns to Detroit’s Ford Field because their stadium was snowy.

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It remains to be seen whether the conditions for Saturday and Sunday’s wild card matches will surpass some of the toughest ever encountered: the 1948 championship game in Philadelphia when there was so much snow that the markers were difficult to make out. For trivia fans: The Eagles beat the Chicago Cardinals, 7-0, in this game to win their first championship.

In 1970, during the NFL championship game in Minnesota, Browns defensive tackle Walter Johnson lost feeling in one hand while playing in 8-degree weather. Players have several ways to combat the cold, including hand guards with warmers and heated insoles.