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NJ EV Rebate 2024 – Eligibility, Required Documents, Amount and How to Apply?

Written by The Anand Market

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The Public Utilities Commission has authorized 3 million dollars to fund electric vehicle charging at home, promote the use of electric vehicles (EVs), and promote clean mobility in New Jersey. Owners can install and purchase one of the Level 2 compatible chargers with their reward.

NJ EV Discount 2024

Funds for the Take Up New Jersey program have been allocated. A discount will be available for vehicles ordered, purchased or leased by November 21, 2023, until 9 p.m. ET. Dealers only have 14 days for each qualifying transaction to submit the necessary documents.

Cars ordered, purchased or contracted from November 17 until close on November 21 will have until 9 p.m. ET, December 8, 2023, to provide documentation securing financing. This is in recognition of the holiday known as Thanksgiving, November 23, 2023.

  • NJ ANCHOR Discount
  • NJ Anchor Surrender Status

NJ EV Rebate Eligibility 2024

To be eligible for an electric vehicle charger rebate, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Applicants must send additional documents in their registration application.
  • A new electric vehicle charger at the applicant’s home in New Jersey is required.
  • Through this program, applicants can submit requests for up to two charger discounts. A second discount is only available if the candidate has moved to a new residence.
  • Each VIN-monitored car registration is only eligible for one charger discount.

Documents Required to Be Eligible for the 2024 NJ EV Rebate

  • A duplicate of the current, unamended New Jersey driver’s license
  • Scanned image of the serial number of the charging device.
  • A legitimate New Jersey EV certification with a private residence is provided.
  • A document containing the vehicle configuration or proof of order such as:
  • Retailer name and customer name
  • Year, generation, model and cutting service of the requested car.
  • Proof of your purchase
  • Date of purchase
  • MSRP at time of purchase
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nj ev discount 2024

Vehicles Eligible or Ineligible for the 2024 NJ EV Rebate

Vehicles eligible for the 2024 NJ EV rebate are listed below.

  • Audi Q4
  • BMW i4 eDrive35
  • Genesis GV60
  • Hyundai Ioniq 5
  • Hyundai Ioniq 6
  • Kia EV-6.
  • Kia EV-9
  • Kia Niro
  • Mini Cooper SE Hardtop
  • Nissan LEAF
  • North Star 2
  • Volvo C40
  • Volvo XC40

The following automobiles are not eligible for the 2024 Charge Up New Jersey rebate program.

  • Secondary market for connected hybrid electric cars
  • Vehicle conversions to electric vehicles
  • scooters that run on electricity
  • Off-road electric cars
  • Low-speed or residential electric cars
  • electric motorcycles
  • used rechargeable electric cars
  • Any PHEV ordered, purchased or leased on or after January 1, 2023.

How much will you get from the 2024 NJ EV rebate?

This program, available in central New Jersey, helps PSE&G customers offset the costs of infrastructure improvements that may be necessary when implementing electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

An eligible vehicle can receive a cumulative incentive of $25 per mile of EPA-rated all-electric range and a $4,000 incentive is available for automobiles with an electric range of more than 200 miles, based on Vehicle MSRP.

Up to $4,000 for automobiles with an MSRP less than $45,000 or up to $1,500 for those with an MSRP between $45,000 and $55,000 depending on the figure provided.

How do I apply for the NJ EV 2024 discount?

  • Visit the official website.
  • Select the β€œapply or log in” option located at the top right corner of the website.
  • The NJ EV 2024 Rebate Search Form can be found after selecting the Apply button or, if you are already logged in, by logging in.
  • A form appears on the screen. Fill in the required information such as name, email address, company or organization name and state.
  • Attach the required documents.
  • Select an option in the charging solution usage category.
  • Complete the captcha option.
  • Press the submit button by clicking the submit button you will be able to get the NJ ev 2024 discount.
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