Nutritionist Explains Health Benefits Of Cashews, Here Are Some Cashew Recipes To Try

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A popular nut finding its way into many Indian gravies is cashew. Made available round the year, the nut has a great shelf life only if you store it properly. Cashews are used to make delectable and rich curries while people also consume roasted and dried versions of this nut. They are an intrinsic part of our festive celebrations too. For instance, Diwali celebrations without kaju ki barfi sounds so incomplete. Did you know, cashews are also associated with a range of health benefits?

According to nutritionist Lovneet Batra, cashews are one of the world’s healthiest foods. In one of her Instagram Stories, she listed some of the unique properties of cashews that will give you all the more reasons to munch on them this winter.

This white and brittle nut is said to be a rich source of copper. An enzyme that contains copper or other essential components plays key role in various physiological processes in the body including utilisation and elimination of free radicals, production of skin pigments like melanin, and development of bones, the nutritionist explained.

Besides these health benefits, the best thing about cashews is that they can be enjoyed plenty of ways. Making sure that you reap the benefits that cashews have to offer, we have got some recipes for you.

1. Cashew Nut Cookies

Cashew cookies have the goodness of the nuts and a sweet scrumptious taste. These cashew nut cookies are loaded with protein, minerals, and vitamins so that you can munch them guilt free. Get the full recipe here. 

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2. Zafrani Kaju Katli

Talking of cashews, how can we forget kaju katli, the quintessential Indian sweet. While kaju katli is quite common, in this recipe we get some added flavours and aroma of zafran or saffron, making the sweet more appealing. Read the recipe here.

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3. Cashew Pesto

This recipe offers the right blend of Italian and Indian flavours. With curry leaves, cashews, Parmigiano Reggiano, and more. Tap here for recipe. 

4. Sri Lankan Cashew And Green Peas Curry (Kaju Maluwa)

Cashews are widely used in Sri Lankan cuisine. If you want to try something new with cashews, then this can be the right choice. The curry has the aroma of mild spices, sweetness of green peas, and the creaminess and nutrients of cashews. Click here for recipe. 

5. Chicken Cashew Nuts

When cashews and chicken go into a dish, the outcome has to be delicious and nutritious. This dish is a popular Oriental stir fry that offers the crunchiness of cashew nuts and the tanginess of mangoes. Here is the recipe.

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