Pakistani Actress Mahira Khan Finds Love Again: Ties the Knot with Businessman Salim Karim

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In a heartwarming turn of events, beloved Pakistani actress Mahira Khan has embarked on a new chapter in her life, exchanging vows with Pakistani businessman Salim Karim. The couple’s love story, which had been the subject of speculation and admiration among fans for years, culminated in a beautiful wedding ceremony that has taken social media by storm.

Mahira Khan, renowned for her remarkable acting prowess and known for her Bollywood debut in “Raees” alongside Shah Rukh Khan in 2017, had previously been married to Ali Askari. The couple had tied the knot in July 2007 and together welcomed their son, Azlan, in 2009. Despite their separation, Mahira has always maintained a close and cordial relationship with her former in-laws, as she revealed in a candid 2021 interview with Fuchsia Magazine.

In the interview, Mahira Khan reflected on her bond with Ali Askari and his family, saying, “I think that Azlan’s father and their family and my family, we are on the same page when it comes to Azlan. I’m very close to them, even now, as I have grown up in their house. It takes work, it takes swallowing your pride at times, and it takes trying to understand the other person. And for your child’s sake, you do it. If you’re lucky that people from both sides are good and looking at the child’s well-being and true happiness, then you forget the bitterness.”

pakistani actress mahira khan
Pakistani Actress Mahira Khan

Now, Mahira Khan has embarked on a new journey of love and companionship with Salim Karim. The couple’s love story began to unfold in 2017 when they first crossed paths at the launch of a television application called Tapmad TV. Their relationship blossomed over the years, leading to their recent wedding.

The enchanting wedding ceremony took place at the picturesque Pearl Continental Hotel Bhurban, according to reports by Samaa. Salim Karim, a prominent figure in the business world, serves as the CEO of Simpaisa, a Karachi-based startup that has revolutionized financial transactions by allowing people to make payments directly through their SIM cards. Simpaisa’s reach extends to over 15 countries, offering its services to a wide array of merchants from various sectors.

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The wedding was nothing short of a fairy tale, and videos shared by Mahira Khan’s manager, Anushay Talha, and Pakistani photographer Izzah Shaheen Malik captured the magic of the moment. In one video, Mahira Khan, resplendent in a pastel wedding lehenga, gracefully walked toward Salim Karim, and the couple’s heartfelt embrace moved all those who witnessed it.

As Mahira Khan and Salim Karim embark on this new journey together, their love story serves as an inspiration to all, demonstrating that love, understanding, and the well-being of their child, Azlan, remain their top priorities. We wish the newlyweds a lifetime of happiness and love as they step into this new chapter of their lives.