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Popcast (Deluxe): Playboi Carti, Waxahatchee and 12 others to watch

Written by The Anand Market

Updated on:

This week’s episode of Popcast (Deluxe), the weekly YouTube culture roundup show hosted by Jon Caramanica and Joe Coscarelli, includes segments on:

  • Playboi Carti, Rihanna and Cardi B releases, whether they like it or not

  • New music from Waxahatchee

  • Atlanta rapper 2Sdxrt3all

  • Post-rage rappers Nettspend and Xaviersobased

  • Matt Ox, the elder rap at SoundCloud

  • Ambitious punk band Sheer Mag

  • The Infinity Song Brotherly Harmony Group

  • Mexican-American singer-songwriter Xavi

  • The Brooklyn 41 Drill Trio

  • Rustic folk-roots singers Sam Barber and Dylan Gossett

  • Snack of the week

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