Punjab’s ‘Kulhad Pizza’ Fame Couple Appeals for Public Support Amid Viral Video Controversy

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Jalandhar, PunjabSehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur, the celebrated couple behind Punjab’s viral ‘Kulhad Pizza‘ fame, have reached out to the public for support amidst a distressing viral video controversy. The couple, who recently embraced parenthood, assert that the video in question, which has sparked outrage online, is entirely fabricated and part of an extortion attempt.

In an emotional Instagram post, Sehaj Arora addressed the situation, saying, “You may have come across a video of us… it is completely fake. The reason behind its circulation is that 15 days ago, we got a message on Instagram about an extortion bid along with the video… the miscreant claimed they would make a video viral if the demand was not met… but we did not give in to the demand and reported the incident to the police.”

Sehaj further explained that during this period, they became parents, and the video was maliciously circulated in the meantime. He suspects that the video may have been created using artificial intelligence. He made a heartfelt plea for privacy and respect from the public.

kulhad pizza couple sehaj arora and his wife gurpreet kaur
Kulhad Pizza Couple Sehaj Arora And His Wife Gurpreet Kaur

In a subsequent video, a visibly distressed Sehaj beseeched people to stop spreading the video, stating, “…a home where there should be celebrations, is now engulfed in distress and sorrow…,” as he recounted the unfolding of this distressing incident.

Following this disturbing revelation, numerous social media users rallied in support of the couple, condemning the incident as both shameful and disturbing. The couple’s Instagram videos addressing the situation have garnered over two lakh views, although comments remain disabled.

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Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur shot to fame in 2022 when a video of their unique ‘Kulhad Pizza’ preparation went viral on social media. They have since amassed a substantial following on social media platforms, with Sehaj boasting over 9 lakh followers and Gurpreet around 5 lakh followers on their respective Instagram accounts.


On Tuesday, the couple joyfully announced the arrival of their newborn child in a video shared on their Facebook profile, marking a beautiful milestone in their lives amidst this challenging period.