Revival Tea Company Opens Boba Bar, Offers Unique Tea-Infused Drinks

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Revival Tea Company, a small cafe that began in 2018, has now expanded to include a boba bar, offering eight new drink options for tea lovers. The boba bar, which opened on Jan. 14, features unique drinks such as tapioca pearls paired with their famous chai, a blended wild berry hibiscus drink with taro boba, and traditional tea drinks like matcha or a London fog. However, these drinks are not your traditional boba drinks. They are inspired and infused by the different teas provided at Revival.

Owners Drew and Cerina Henry had originally intended for the company to be strictly an online operation, but they decided to open the doors to the public in 2020. The boba bar, which sits a floor above the cafe’s original tasting room, was a response to customer demand for boba options. The couple saw an opportunity to open a boba bar in a space that had previously been occupied by an ice cream shop.

“The boba that we just opened up is actually a pilot for additional locations we’re looking to open up across the country,” Drew said.

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revival tea
Boba Bar

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According to Drew, much of the menu is inspired by the customers and employees at Revival. He states that they took some of their customers’ favorite tea blends and turned them into boba drinks. For example, their chai latte was transformed into a chai milk by adding boba to it and it has become their best-selling drink.

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The boba bar at Revival has a busy, fast-paced, on-the-go vibe, and the Henrys wanted to incorporate boba into the company with a Revival twist. Drew said, “Boba is a completely different product than just our tea blends. We wanted to do it in a way that it hasn’t been seen around here in the U.S. It needed to be our version of it and not just what you would find at every other boba spot.”

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The boba bar has received positive reviews from customers who appreciate the unique tea-infused drinks and the helpful staff. Sophia Nevarez, a sophomore at Gonzaga University, says, “The wild berry hibiscus tea lemonade with mango and lychee boba was delicious. I really liked how the flavors blended together. I would recommend it. The teaologists were super helpful in knowing what to order and gave lots insight in the tastings.”

Overall, the boba bar at Revival Tea Company offers a unique and exciting addition to the menu, and the owners have plans to expand to additional locations across the country.

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