Sabo Takes Over Billboard in Support of Larry Elder

The Los Angeles Sunset Strip woke up to a hijacked sign on Monday. The ad for the signboard Netflix series “Lucifer” was covered by an ad for Larry Elder, a conservative radio host and the main challenger of the campaign to bring back Governor Gavin Newsom.

The sign outside the nightclub in the Viper Room says, “Gov. In the space where the evening performance takes place, the sign is covered with sheets with the name of the elder in large block letters in the image of California. Was there.

“We have a strip to save,” Billboard said, “we have a condition to save,” Elder’s campaign tagline takeoff.

Elder’s supporter, guerrilla street artist Sabo, acknowledged the installation, one of several posters and works of art that contributed to the campaign.

In a text message, he said Netflix chairman Reed Hastings had donated $ 3 million to the recall and chose the sign because the governor’s coronavirus regulations had affected the local economy.

He said half a dozen friends helped. “The Viper Room was closed all weekend,” he writes. “Shutdown, along with most businesses on the Strip, hurt them and their staff.”

However, Sabo added, “I did this hit in the name of punk rock.”

By 8am Pacific time, the installation was removed and Netflix ads were restored. “It was the fastest I’ve taken down the sign,” Sabo sent the text.

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