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‘Sam Bahadur’ Box Office Day 2: Impressive 50% Growth on Day 2 Despite ‘Animal’ Competition

Written by The Anand Market

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In a remarkable turn of events at the box office, Vicky Kaushal starrer ‘Sam Bahadur’ witnessed a significant surge in its collection on Day 2, showcasing an impressive growth of nearly 50 percent. The film, which faced tough competition from Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Animal,’ managed to hold its ground, drawing praise for its positive word of mouth.

‘Sam Bahadur’ entered the cinematic arena alongside ‘Animal,’ sparking inevitable comparisons between the two highly anticipated releases. However, as the dust settled a few days before their debut, it became clear that these films couldn’t be directly compared, considering the difference in the number of screens and advance bookings.

While ‘Animal’ amassed a staggering Rs 63 crore in all languages on its opening day, ‘Sam Bahadur’ secured Rs 6.42 crore on Day 1. Despite facing competition from the high-profile ‘Animal,’ the film experienced a commendable growth of around Rs 3 crore on Saturday, accumulating a Day 2 business of Rs 9.25 crore, as reported by Sacnilk. This impressive surge propelled ‘Sam Bahadur’s’ total collection to Rs 15.50 crore in just two days, marking a nearly 50 percent growth on Day 2.

Although ‘Sam Bahadur’ released in a more modest 1500-2000 screens compared to ‘Animal’s’ expansive 4500-5000, the film’s positive word of mouth has proven to be a driving force. It’s worth noting that the difference in ticket prices between the two movies, with ‘Animal’ commanding higher prices due to its high demand, has influenced the box office dynamics.

The film’s fate in the coming days hinges on sustaining this positive momentum. Despite the growing buzz around ‘Animal’ and the controversies on social media adding to the film’s intrigue, ‘Sam Bahadur’ seems poised for a successful weekend. If the upward trend continues on Sunday, the film is likely to enjoy a very decent overall weekend performance, proving that quality content and positive audience reception can triumph over sheer screen numbers and ticket prices.

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