Shirley Ballas Illness and Health Update: What Happened to Shirley Ballas?

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Who is Shirley Ballas?

Shirley Ballas is a famous person in the world of dance. She comes from England and is known for being a really good ballroom dancer, a dance teacher, and someone who judges dance competitions. She’s especially skilled in a type of dance called International Latin, and she’s won many top awards for it. People also like to call her “The Queen of Latin.”

In 2017, Shirley Ballas got a big job on a popular TV show called Strictly Come Dancing. She became the main judge on the show, taking over after Len Goodman left. She got this job because she knows a lot about dancing and has a ton of experience. Her work in dance and being a judge on Strictly Come Dancing has made her a well-respected and important person in the dance world and on TV.

NameShirley Ballas
Born NameShirley Annette Rich
Birth Date6 September 1960
Birth PlaceWallasey, England
Occupation(s)Dancer, dance teacher, and dance adjudicator
Known forStrictly Come Dancing
Marital StatusDivorced
Shirley Ballas

Shirley Ballas Illness and Health Update

Shirley Ballas, who’s known as the main judge on Strictly Come Dancing, recently told everyone that she’s sick. This happened just a few days before the first live show of season 21. She thinks she got sick when she went to Rome. She shared this news on her Instagram Story on Wednesday, September 20. In her message, she said she’s not feeling well and needs to rest and get better before the Strictly show on Saturday. She also sent good wishes to anyone else who might be sick.

Even though she’s not feeling great right now, Shirley is really excited about this season of Strictly. She thinks the contestants are super talented this year and might all make it to the final. She’s really looking forward to the show, even though she’s not feeling well. She also thanked her mom for taking care of her while she’s sick. Her mom made her a nice meal with two boiled eggs, which shows how important family is when you’re not feeling well.

Even though Shirley is dealing with this health problem, she’s staying positive and wants to get better soon. Her mom is there to support her. People love Shirley on Strictly Come Dancing, and they’ll be waiting for her to come back for the first live episode of season 21. She’s really dedicated to her job and loves the competition, even when unexpected things happen like getting sick.

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shirley ballas illness and health update
Shirley Ballas Illness And Health Update

Shirley Ballas Family Background

Shirley Ballas was born and raised in Wallasey, Cheshire, which is now part of Merseyside, England. She grew up with her mom, Audrey, and her brother, David. What’s unique about Shirley’s early life is that her dad left the family when she was just 2 years old.

Shirley’s interest in dancing started when she was very young, at just 7 years old. She loved dancing so much that she started competing in dance competitions, and that’s when her amazing career as a ballroom dancer began. Her family, especially her mom’s support and her own determination, played a big role in making Shirley Ballas the successful dancer and judge she is today.

Shirley Ballas Marriages

Shirley Ballas got married twice in her life, and both times it was to her dance partners. She married her first husband, Sammy Stopford, when she was just 18 years old. They weren’t just married in life but also in dance because they danced together. However, their relationship had problems, and after five years, they got divorced.

In 1985, Shirley married Corky Ballas, her second husband. Like her first marriage, they were deeply connected through their love for dance. They decided to move to Houston, Texas, to chase their dance careers and compete in the United States. This partnership worked out well in terms of winning dance competitions, including the prestigious Blackpool Dance Festival. But even with their success, they got divorced in 2007, ending both their personal and professional relationship.

Shirley Ballas’s marriages to her dance partners are an important part of her life story. They show how much she loves dance and how she grew and succeeded in the world of competitive ballroom dancing, even though her marriages had their ups and downs.

Shirley Ballas Children

Shirley Ballas has a son named Mark Ballas, born in 1986. Mark has followed in his mom’s footsteps and has become a big deal in the world of dance and entertainment. He’s an American professional ballroom dancer, choreographer, singer-songwriter, musician, and actor. You might know him from his appearances on the TV show “Dancing with the Stars.” He joined the show as a professional ballroom dancer starting in season five in the fall of 2007.

Mark Ballas is really talented and creative when it comes to making dance routines, and his work got him nominated for an Emmy Award in 2011, showing how respected he is in the dance world. But he’s not just about dance. He’s also a multi-talented artist. He’s released his own music, including his first solo album called “HurtLoveBox,” which came out in March 2011. Mark can do a lot of things in dance, music, and performing, which shows that the Ballas family is full of artistic talent and has made a name for themselves in the entertainment world.

Shirley Ballas Career

Shirley Ballas has had a rich and diverse career in the world of dance and entertainment:

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Early Dance Career

When Shirley Ballas was 15 years old, she moved to North Yorkshire to be a dance partner with Nigel Tiffany, who was a British Ballroom Champion. This was a tough time for her, but it was the start of her journey as a competitive dancer. After two years, they moved to London, but their partnership didn’t last, and they went their separate ways.

Partnership with Sammy Stopford

Shirley’s dance career changed a lot when her dance teacher, Nina Hunt, talked her into trying out as a dance partner for her first husband, Sammy Stopford. When they danced together, they did really well and won big awards. One of their most important achievements was winning in the Professional Latin category at the famous Blackpool Dance Festival in 1983.

Partnership with Corky Ballas

After dancing with Sammy Stopford, Shirley Ballas became partners with her second husband, Corky Ballas. They had some of their greatest successes by winning the Professional Latin category at the Blackpool Dance Festival in both 1995 and 1996. This partnership really highlighted Shirley’s amazing talent and her commitment to the world of dance.

Transition to Coaching and Judging

In 1996, Shirley Ballas made a choice to stop participating in dance competitions and instead became a dance coach and judge for ballroom and Latin American dance competitions. This new career path let her use her knowledge and love for dance to teach and evaluate the upcoming generation of dancers. It was her way of helping the dance community grow and develop.

Dancing with the Stars

Shirley Ballas also showed up on the well-known TV show “Dancing with the Stars.” She gave expert lessons and talked about the performances, which made her even more famous in the world of dance entertainment.

Strictly Come Dancing

In May 2017, it was announced that Shirley Ballas would be taking over as the head judge on the TV show “Strictly Come Dancing” on BBC One. She was replacing Len Goodman in this important role. She started her job as a judge on the show in September of the same year, which was the beginning of series 15. As the head judge, her main job was to assess and give feedback on the performances of the contestants, using her vast knowledge and experience.

Shirley Ballas’s career has been remarkable because of her amazing talent, her unwavering dedication to dance, and her significant contributions to the world of ballroom and Latin American dance. She’s been a competitor, a coach, and a judge on major television dance shows, making her a highly influential figure in the dance world.

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Shirley Ballas Net Worth

Shirley Ballas has earned her income primarily from her career in dance and entertainment. She made money by competing as a professional ballroom dancer, winning prizes, and getting endorsements, especially in the International Latin division. When she retired from competitive dancing, she became a coach and teacher, offering private lessons, group classes, and coaching to upcoming dancers, which is a common source of income for experienced dance professionals.

Additionally, Shirley Ballas has appeared on TV shows like “Dancing with the Stars” and “Strictly Come Dancing.” These TV appearances not only added to her fame but also brought in income as a television personality and judge.

Shirley Ballas Net Worth   
NameShirley Ballas
Net Worth$6 Million
Professionballroom dancer, dance teacher, and dance adjudicator

Shirley Ballas Age

In 2023, Shirley Ballas is 63 years old and boasts a vast wealth of experience and expertise in the world of ballroom dancing. Her extensive list of championship titles and achievements in the International Latin division, along with her nickname “The Queen of Latin,” highlight her outstanding skills and unwavering commitment to her art. Her remarkable achievements serve as a source of inspiration for aspiring dancers, encouraging them to aim for excellence.

Shirley Ballas has enjoyed a long and successful career in dance spanning several decades. Her ability to remain relevant and influential in the industry over such an extended period is truly inspiring for younger generations of dancers who aspire to make their mark in the field.

Shirley Ballas Height

Shirley Ballas is about 1.59 meters tall, which is roughly 5 feet 3 inches. Her journey from being a competitive dancer to becoming a thriving coach and judge is a testament to her adaptability and versatility. Her willingness to embrace new opportunities and roles serves as a valuable lesson for others.

As a coach and teacher, Shirley Ballas has had a significant impact on the careers of many dancers. Her role in mentoring and shaping the next generation of dancers is inspiring and underscores her dedication to giving back to the dance community.

What Happened to Shirley Ballas?

Shirley Ballas, who’s the head judge on Strictly Come Dancing, got sick shortly before the live show of season 21. She believes she caught the illness during her recent trip to Rome. Right now, she’s resting in bed, but she’s determined to get better in time for the show. She’s really excited about the season and believes that the contestants are super talented this year. Shirley also mentioned how her mother has been taking care of her during her illness.

Even though she’s not feeling well, Shirley is still a crucial part of the show’s judging panel. She even took part in a special dance routine during the season’s kickoff, showing her dedication to the show despite her health setback.