Super Bowl Prediction Unanimously Agreed Upon by Three Astrologers

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As an astrologer, I am often called upon to gaze into the stars to foretell what lies ahead for an individual or for events that will affect the masses. It is my passion to help people navigate the ups and downs of life and to provide guidance on their life journeys.

Aside from providing serious advice, I also enjoy using astrological tools for a bit of fun. Take for example, the highly-anticipated Super Bowl match between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs, taking place on February 12th, 2023 in Glendale, Arizona. Can astrology and tarot be used to predict the outcome of this much-anticipated game? To answer this question, I sought out the opinions of my fellow astrologers and spiritual practitioners.

To gain a more comprehensive perspective, I asked three astrologers to use their tools and techniques to predict the outcome of the Super Bowl. I was curious to see if they would come to the same conclusion and whether astrology could truly offer insights into sporting events. Each astrologer brought their unique skillset and expertise to the table, and I was eager to see the results.

Is it possible to predict the outcome of events using astrology? Here’s our methodology

super bowl prediction
Super Bowl Prediction

In this case, there are several ways we can predict who will win the Super Bowl through astrology.

  1. Using the first method, we look at the birth chart of the two teams — because, yes, people aren’t the only ones who have birth charts. Anything can have a birth chart as long as we know when it was founded. (“Born” on July 4, 1776, the United States is a Cancer!)
  2. The second method is to construct a horary chart, which is a chart meant to answer a single question — think of it as an astrological oracle.
  3. The third method is to look at the quarterbacks’ birth charts.
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To give you the most accurate and concise answers, three astrologers — Lauren Ash, Kyle Thomas and myself — came together to use all three techniques. Then, we had our answers “vetted” by tarot readers Theresa Reed and Sarah Potter.

Fortunately, we all came to the same conclusion for the winner.

And the winner of the Super Bowl will be…

According to us astrologers, put your bets on the Kansas City Chiefs.

The “birth date” of the Kansas City Chiefs is May 22, 1963, the date that the team changed names from the Dallas Texans and moved from Dallas to Kansas City with a new namesake.

Based on that birth date, 2023 is an important time for the Kansas City Chiefs. The team is going through its Jupiter and Saturn returns this year. The Jupiter return is a lucky time that occurs every 12 years, when opportunities and possibilities seem endless and energy is buoyant and positive. The Saturn return occurs every 27 to 30 years and teaches people lessons about their lives, often forcing a check-in.

Since they went through their second Saturn Return in Aquarius and are currently going through their Jupiter return in Aries, the Chiefs are living out their dreams — which could mean winning the Super Bowl.

The opposing team is the Philadelphia Eagles, who became part of the NFL on July 8, 1933. This team went through their Saturn return in Aquarius last year, which means that they’ve been pushing hard to win at any cost — even though there have been many setbacks. Being that Saturn is in Aquarius, it could mean that there are issues in unifying the team as a cohesive unit. In the end, they’ll come together, but not without work and patience. 

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The quarterbacks’ charts back up our prediction

The upcoming Super Bowl features a matchup between a Virgo quarterback and a Leo quarterback. Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, was born on September 17, 1995, while Jalen Hurts was born on August 7, 1998.

According to astrologer Kyle Thomas, “Mahomes appears to have a more favorable astrological chart for the day of the Super Bowl, whereas Hurts’ chart indicates that he will face challenges and lessons to help improve his career path. Both players will gain valuable wisdom from the experience, but Hurts may struggle with confusion during the game, making it difficult for him to perform at his best.”

Tarot reader Meghan Rose interpreted Patrick Mahomes’ energy as the King of Wands, signifying confidence, leadership, and victory. This card reflects Mahomes’ charismatic and determined personality, which could give him an advantage on the field.

The Super Bowl itself may have a ‘wildly controversial’ moment

The Super Bowl itself may have a ‘wildly controversial’ moment

Our readings indicate that the Super Bowl will be a chaotic and unpredictable event. Astrologer Lauren Ash predicted that the game will bring significant turbulence, as the Scorpio Moon opposes Uranus on February 12th. This opposition could lead to fights on the field or even serious injuries. With the Sun conjunct Saturn, there may also be controversial calls made by the referees that have a significant impact on the outcome of the game.

Tarot reader Sarah Potter views the game as a competition filled with conflict, tension, and change. She believes that there may even be physical altercations that go beyond the scope of a typical football game.

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Theresa Reed, also known as The Tarot Lady, drew the karmic Wheel of Fortune card for the Kansas City Chiefs. She explains that while the Wheel of Fortune card can bring good fortune, it is also unpredictable, and what may seem to be going well could suddenly change. This unpredictability could mean that the outcome of the game will be bittersweet, regardless of who wins.

One thing is for sure: Rihanna will crush it

While the outcome of the Super Bowl is uncertain, astrologer Lauren Ash predicts that singer Rihanna will steal the show with her performance. Ash explains that Rihanna’s chart shows an exalted Venus in Pisces that will enhance her North Node, giving her an increase in charisma, charm, and sex appeal. With these influences, Rihanna is set to deliver a stunning and unforgettable performance that will leave a lasting impression on the world.

Disclaimer: Astrology is not based in science. These posts are not intended to act as a directive.

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