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TAG Heuer Signs Ryan Gosling As An Ambassador And Launches A New Carrera Line

Written by The Anand Market

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It seems that TAG Heuer has chosen to sign actor Ryan Gosling as its new brand ambassador, and the decision is framed as a logical continuation of the brand’s historical connection to Steve McQueen. McQueen had been a prominent face of TAG Heuer since the 1960s. According to TAG Heuer CEO Frédéric Arnault, Ryan Gosling represents a modern interpretation of masculinity characterized by sensitivity and an understated confidence. This aligns with the brand’s image, which is known for its effortless style and elegance. In essence, TAG Heuer sees Ryan Gosling as a fitting choice to continue the legacy of iconic figures associated with the brand.

It appears that TAG Heuer views Ryan Gosling’s breakthrough film, “Drive,” as a significant connection to their brand. This connection is drawn from the fact that the brand has had a longstanding association with race car driving, dating back to the 1960s when Steve McQueen famously wore a TAG Heuer watch in the movie “Le Mans.”

According to TAG Heuer CEO Frédéric Arnault, “Drive” represents a particularly strong link to the brand’s identity in the present day. This suggests that the film’s themes or style resonate with TAG Heuer’s image and values. Additionally, Arnault mentions excitement about the creative projects they have in collaboration with Ryan Gosling, hinting at future endeavors that will further strengthen their partnership and brand association.

The partnership announcement coincides with the launch of a new Carrera Three Hands collection, a next-generation version of the classic sports watch first introduced in 1963. There are four models: a Day Date and a Twin-Time (second time zone) with Date, both 41mm, and Date-only models in 39mm and 29mm sizes. The new designs honor the original spirit of the line, which was designed to be uncluttered and easily readable – “for drivers who needed to tell the time at a glance while under pressure,” says TAG. There are 13 references altogether, with various dial and strap options.

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