The Insurance Octopus appoints long-time executive to top role

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Insurance Octopus, a commercial insurance brokerage firm, has appointed Helen Bush (pictured above) as a board member.

Bush was responsible for the company’s finance and support services for 11 years before assuming the company’s most senior role. According to The Insurance Octopus, Bush works in multiple departments and has influenced every aspect of his business.

Prior to joining the company, Bush was Mediavest’s media executive.

“I’m really honored to lead The Insurance Octopus. I’ve been with the company for over 10 years and we haven’t stopped during that time,” said Bush. “I was always motivated to improve the realm of the business, create solutions, and implement strategies to make things simpler and faster for our customers and colleagues. Providing that approach is exciting, and being able to take our people on that journey with me and seeing the results is very rewarding. “

“My central focus as a director is to take us to the next level,” she said. “We are implementing new technologies to make things faster and smoother for our customers, and we are increasing our presence in the cyber market, which is an increasingly important market for small businesses.”

Founded in 2008, Insurance Octopus currently employs 90 people and posted £ 19m of GWP in the fiscal year ending April. In 2016, the business was acquired by Verastar Group.

“Helen is an outstanding leader and the work she has done to grow the insurance octopus is staggering,” said Rehal, CEO of Bellastar. “Helen has already implemented an exciting plan to strengthen and shape the insurance octopus for the future. She is well-positioned to take leadership and enter new markets within the insurance industry. . “

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