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Tim Hayward’s arguments in favor of gluttony

Written by The Anand Market

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Food critic Tim Hayward has been writing about food for the FT for years. He also owns a bakery in Cambridge. So when a friend accused him of being a glutton, his reaction was: “Of course I’m a glutton!” Do people still think this is a bad thing? Today, Tim is on the podcast to share his thoughts on how we have come to view food through a moral lens. What does it mean to be a glutton in the Age of Ozempic? How can we let ourselves enjoy food? And how can you stop judging yourself, while recognizing that certain eating habits can be bad for your health?


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Links (all FT links allow you to go beyond the paywall):

– Tim’s column on gluttony:

– Another recent column: “Should you ever return to your favorite restaurant?”

– Tim’s most recent review of Cafe Kitty restaurant in London:

– “Notes on Camp” by Susan Sontag:

– Tim is on Instagram at @Tim Hayward


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