Top 7 features of new iOS 17

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Hey there, everyone! It’s time to take your iPhones out of your pockets and give them a little tap. Wondering why? Well, it’s because iOS 17 has arrived, and it comes with some cool new things that will make your iPhone or iPad feel like a whole new device.

You might be wondering, “Do I need to buy the latest iPhone 15 for this?” Nope! Your trusty old iPhone XS or any newer model will work just fine. Yes, even the one with the cracked screen you’ve been meaning to fix.

Apple decided to give us this update in June at WWDC 2023, and now it’s finally here. Unfortunately, the Journal app will arrive “later this year,” but who needs a journal when there are seven other exciting features to explore?

  1. FaceTime on Apple TV: Take video calls to the big screen for fun.
  2. Offline Apple Maps: Get directions even in remote areas.
  3. NameDrop: It’s like a digital business card, so you can say goodbye to paper ones!
  4. Improved Autocorrect: Fewer embarrassing text mistakes and better typing.
  5. StandBy Mode: Your iPhone can now work as a fancy clock.
  6. Upgraded Siri: Siri is smarter now, making conversations more interesting.
  7. Interactive Home Screen Widgets: These widgets aren’t just for show anymore; they’re ready to be useful.

To enjoy these features, you’ll need to update to iOS 17. Don’t worry; updating is easy. If you need help, we’ll guide you on how to update your iPhone to iOS 17.

Top 7 features of new iOS 17

1. An improved Siri

top 7 features of new ios 17
Top 7 Features Of New Ios 17 9

In iOS 17, Siri is getting a makeover. You can now activate Siri by just saying ‘Siri,’ and she can understand follow-up commands without you having to say her name every time. This makes Siri more conversational, like other voice assistants.

2. StandBy Mode

standby mode
StandBy Mode

Have you ever wanted your iPhone to do more than just charge when it’s plugged in? Well, your dream is now a reality with the new StandBy mode. It transforms your iPhone into an information center, showing you things like the latest news and weather updates. While it might seem a bit basic at the moment, StandBy mode could turn out to be a hidden gem in this update.

3. Offline Apple Maps

offline apple maps
Offline Apple Maps

Calling all adventurers! With iOS 17, Apple Maps is going offline. You can now download a particular area of the map and receive turn-by-turn directions even when you don’t have Wi-Fi or cellular service. This is a game-changer for those off-the-grid explorations!

Google Maps has been doing this for years, but better late than never, right?

4. Better Autocorrect

better autocorrect
Better Autocorrect

Autocorrect may not be the flashiest feature, but let’s admit it: it’s our silent helper (or sometimes troublemaker) when typing.

In iOS 17, autocorrect gets a makeover using a transformer language model (similar to ChatGPT). This means it will provide quicker and more accurate corrections.

What’s even cooler is that it predicts phrases and sentences for you. Just hit the space bar to choose from its suggestions. This means less typing and more efficient texting!

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5. FaceTime on Apple TV

facetime on apple tv
FaceTime on Apple TV

For those who own Apple TV, there’s exciting news! You can now have FaceTime calls right on your Apple streaming box. Your iPhone serves as the camera, and the Center Stage feature makes sure you’re always in the view. It’s time to prepare for your close-up!

6. NameDrop


Business cards are becoming a thing of the past. Thanks to NameDrop, you can share your contact information by simply holding your phone next to someone else’s iPhone, as long as both phones have AirDrop turned on, of course. Let’s hope it works as smoothly as Apple says it does!

7. Interactive Home Screen widgets

interactive home screen widgets
Interactive Home Screen widgets

Do you recall when widgets on your screen were just dull and unchanging blocks? Well, those days are gone.

In iOS 17, widgets are getting an upgrade. They’re becoming interactive and reaching out to the Lock Screen and the new StandBy view.

Now, you can check off tasks, pause music, and manage your smart home directly from your widgets. Android users might say, “We’ve had that for a while,” but hey, we’re just getting warmed up!