Washington, D.C. Murder Suspect Captured After Two Months on the Run

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After nearly two months of eluding law enforcement, murder suspect Christopher Haynes was apprehended by Washington, D.C. police on Thursday in Oxon Hill, Maryland, bringing an end to a fugitive saga that has gripped the city.

Christopher Haynes, 30, had managed to escape police custody on September 6 while being treated at George Washington University Hospital. His escape prompted an intensive manhunt, and authorities had been actively seeking his capture. In a statement, the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) confirmed that Haynes would now face an additional charge for fleeing, in addition to the original homicide charge.

“Finding Christopher Haynes remained a top priority for the Metropolitan Police Department,” the MPD stated, acknowledging the dedicated efforts of law enforcement and the support from the community. The statement also expressed deep gratitude for the community’s assistance in providing information regarding Haynes’ whereabouts.

During a news conference held after Haynes’ recapture, U.S. Deputy Marshal Robert Dixon announced that Haynes had been taken into custody “without incident.” However, he refrained from providing further details about how Haynes managed to evade capture for an extended period and whether any individuals aiding him would be charged. It was previously stated by the police that anyone found aiding and abetting Haynes would also face criminal charges.

washington, d.c. murder suspect captured after two months on the run
Washington, D.c. Murder Suspect Captured After Two Months On The Run

Haynes had initially been arrested in Virginia on a Washington, D.C. warrant, charged with the first-degree murder while armed of 33-year-old Brent Hayward. The murder had occurred on August 12 outside a convenience store on Kenilworth Avenue in Northeast Washington. Haynes was subsequently transported to the hospital for treatment of an ankle injury sustained before his escape.

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The daring escape took place at George Washington University Hospital in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood. Haynes, while in custody, managed to flee from the emergency room as police attempted to change his handcuffs, assaulting officers in the process. Surveillance footage captured Haynes shortly after his escape, and he was seen in a fenced yard, still wearing one red shoe and with handcuffs dangling from his wrists.

In response to Haynes’ escape, authorities had offered a $30,000 reward for information that would lead to his arrest, emphasizing the urgency of bringing him to justice.

The news release from the police department disclosed that a helicopter played a crucial role in locating Haynes. Following his recapture, he was promptly transported to the Homicide Branch, where he will face the charges against him, including the original homicide charge and the newly added charge of fleeing.