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I Am Groot Web Series Download: I Am Groot is an enchanting American web series of animated shorts that has taken the streaming world by storm. Created by the talented Kirsten Lepore, this captivating series finds its home on the popular Disney+ platform and draws inspiration from the beloved Marvel Comics character, Groot. Transporting viewers into the heart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), I Am Groot unveils a delightful series of misadventures featuring none other than the lovable Baby Groot.

Set in the intriguing time gap between the events of “Guardians of the Galaxy” (2014) and one of the memorable mid-credits scenes of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” (2017), the series is a delightful addition to the Marvel universe. With Marvel Studios Animation at the helm of production, and Kirsten Lepore taking on the roles of head writer and director, I Am Groot Web Series promises a visually stunning and emotionally engaging experience.

The series boasts the return of Vin Diesel, who lends his distinctive voice to the character of Baby Groot, a role he perfected in the MCU films. Additionally, Bradley Cooper makes his presence felt in the series, and the second season features the exceptional talent of Jeffrey Wright. The announcement of I Am Groot Web Series in December 2020 was met with great anticipation, and the series took shape as Luma Pictures commenced work on its photorealistic animation by August 2021, leaving fans eager for its release.

The first season of I Am Groot Web Series made its highly-anticipated debut on Disney+ on August 10, 2022, marking an exciting entry into Phase Four of the MCU. Building on its initial success, the second season, comprised of five engaging shorts, was released on September 6, 2023, further cementing its place in Phase Five of the MCU. With its endearing characters, charming storytelling, and stunning animation, I Am Groot Web Series is a must-watch series that continues to captivate audiences and leave them eagerly awaiting more adventures in the Marvel universe.

I Am Groot Web Series Download

First episode date:10 August 2022 (USA)
Based on:Marvel Comics
Composer:Daniele Luppi
Directed by:Kirsten Lepore

I Am Groot Season 2 Web Series Download

i am groot web series download
I Am Groot Web Series Download

Episode 1: Groot’s First Steps

As Baby Groot is growing in a pot, some robots take care of him. But when there’s a crack in his pot, the robots swap Groot with a tiny bonsai tree. Feeling envious, Groot attacks the bonsai tree, and they both end up falling to the ground. This causes their pots to break, and it’s when Groot takes his very first steps.

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Episode 2: The Little Guy

Baby Groot discovers some small blue creatures called Grunds hiding under a rock and starts playing with them. However, the Grunds misunderstand Groot’s actions and think he’s attacking them, so they fight back. Scared, Groot releases a leaf from his behind (farts a leaf), which turns out to be the Grunds’ food. Groot, realizing this, finds a nearby bush to offer the Grunds more food. But when he comes back to give it to them, he accidentally steps on the Grunds.

Episode 3: Groot’s Pursuit

One night, Baby Groot wakes up in the middle of the spaceship Eclector’s Quadrant. He discovers a broken vial with colorful liquid and follows the trail of this liquid around the ship. It turns out the liquid is Iwua, an alien that can change its shape to look like others. Iwua pretends to be Groot, and the two of them start dancing together. During their dance, the alien teaches Groot some new dance moves.

However, Groot eventually realizes that this alien is not his friend and ejects Iwua out of the ship through the airlock, sending it away.

Episode 4: Groot Takes a Bath

Baby Groot stumbles upon a pool of mud and decides to take a bath in it. As he plays in the mud, something interesting happens – leaves start sprouting from his body because of the mud. Groot decides to style these leaves in various ways, getting creative with his grooming.

However, his leaf-styling antics annoy a nearby creature called a Gangalorian squirrel bird. This little bird gets irritated by Groot’s leafy fashion show. Groot continues to have fun until he realizes that he’s used up all the mud from the pool. Now, he can’t grow any more leaves, and the squirrel bird mocks him by laughing.

Not one to be outdone, Groot decides to get back at the bird. He trims its hair and uses it as a stylish scarf, turning the tables on the once-laughing squirrel bird.

Episode 5: Magnum Opus

Baby Groot is on a mission inside the spaceship to get the attention of the Guardians of the Galaxy. He gathers different items and even causes a small explosion to create glitter, hoping it will catch their eye. However, this explosion accidentally creates a hole in the ship.

Rocket, another member of the Guardians, discovers Groot trying to fix the hole he unintentionally caused. Despite the mishap, Groot manages to finish a drawing he’s been working on. He hands the drawing to Rocket, but just as Rocket receives it, he gets dangerously close to being sucked out of the ship due to the hole.

In a heroic move, Groot springs into action and saves Rocket from being pulled out into space. Despite the chaos, Groot’s efforts to get the Guardians’ attention ultimately lead to a heartwarming moment of camaraderie and teamwork.

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I Am Groot Season 2 Web Series Download

Episode 6: Are You My Groot?

On an alien planet, Baby Groot stumbles upon a peculiar egg in a nest. He decides to adopt it and cares for it as if it were his own child. However, Groot soon discovers that this little creature has a rather inconvenient habit of constant pooping, which begins to annoy him.

Things take an unexpected turn when the egg’s siblings suddenly rush over to Groot, mistaking him for their mother. Their real mother appears and gathers them up to carry them away, leaving Groot behind. As he watches the siblings being reunited with their true parent, Groot can’t help but feel a mix of emotions, looking on with a sense of longing and perhaps a touch of sadness.

Episode 7: Groot Noses Around

Baby Groot gets a prosthetic nose attached to his face, which grants him the sense of smell. With his newfound ability, he begins to recognize the distinct odor of his surroundings. However, as he becomes more aware of the scent of his home, Groot decides that he prefers things the way they were before.

In a surprising and somewhat humorous move, he chooses to detach the prosthetic nose from his face and returns to his familiar place, content with his previous lack of smell. Sometimes, it’s the simple things that make a place feel like home, even if they come with their own unique scents.

Episode 8: Groot Noses Around

Upon landing on a snowy planet, Baby Groot decides to have some fun and builds a snowman on top of a seemingly inactive robot. To his surprise, the robot suddenly springs to life and starts attacking him. After a thrilling showdown, Groot manages to blast the robot into submission.

Feeling victorious, Groot heads back to his spaceship, thinking the danger is over. However, as he walks away, the robot’s eye unexpectedly flickers to life, hinting that the adventure may not be entirely finished.

Episode 9: Groot’s Sweet Trea

Baby Groot spots a spaceship that looks like an ice cream truck floating outside his own ship. His desire for ice cream gets the better of him, and he embarks on a mission to find some money within his ship to buy a sweet treat. In his quest, Groot ends up breaking a claw machine but does find some money.

However, by the time he gathers the cash and returns to the ice cream spaceship, it has already departed. In a fit of desperation, Baby Groot decides to chase after the spaceship in a small capsule. This leads to a chaotic and dramatic crash that results in the destruction of both vehicles.

Amidst the wreckage and surrounded by space police patrolships, Baby Groot somehow manages to enjoy the remaining ice cream he had longed for, even in the most unexpected circumstances.

Episode 10: Groot and the Great Prophecy

As Baby Groot ventures through the hallowed halls of a sacred seed temple, The Watcher observes and narrates this unfolding tale. However, a tragic mishap occurs as Baby Groot accidentally loses the sacred seed, and it tumbles into a river of molten lava. The temple trembles and begins to collapse, creating a chaotic and dramatic scene.

Amidst the debris and chaos, Baby Groot emerges, his body adorned with vibrant leaves that have sprouted. The Watcher, metaphorically grasping the significance of this moment, realizes that Groot himself has become a symbol of rebirth and growth, much like a seed rising from the ground. It’s a poignant reminder that even in the face of destruction, new life and potential can emerge.

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I Am Groot Web Series Reviews

The website Rotten Tomatoes collected reviews from 15 critics and found that 87% of them liked I Am Groot Web Series. On average, they rated it 7.70 out of 10. One critic said that because the series features the character Groot from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s interesting for fans, even though it’s a bit light on story.

A reviewer from IGN named Matt Fowler gave I Am Groot Web Series a score of 7 out of 10. He thought the shorts were cute because they’re related to the MCU, but he also noticed that Baby Groot has a funny and sometimes grumpy personality, which adds some humor. He appreciated that the character wasn’t always well-behaved.

Andrew Webster from The Verge thought the series was one of the best short animated shows on Disney+. He found the shorts to be enjoyable and silly. He also liked that they were short, so they didn’t get boring.

A writer from Variety named Wilson Chapman said I Am Groot Web Series was charming, fast-paced, and unique because it doesn’t have any connections to other Marvel shows. It’s self-contained.

Brett White from Decider compared the series to Looney Tunes and said it’s chaotic in a fun way. He really enjoyed it and thought it was delightful from start to finish. However, he didn’t like that each short was listed separately on Disney+ instead of being grouped together.

Nick Schager from The Daily Beast had positive things to say about the shorts. He thought their short length was good because it kept things fresh, but he also wished they had a bit more time to explore their ideas. He liked the animation and found it vibrant and detailed.

When reviewing the second season, Luke Y. Thompson at SuperHeroHype gave it a perfect score of 5 out of 5. He said that while the shorts might not push the big Marvel stories forward, they were still very well-made and charming as glimpses into a space kid’s adventures.

How many episodes are in I am Groot Web Series?

There are 10 episodes in I am Groot Web Series, two seasons with five episodes each.

Is I am Groot Web Series suitable for kids?

Yes, I am Groot Web Series is suitable for kids, but parents may want to watch with younger viewers due to some mild violence and suspenseful scenes.

How long is each episode of I am Groot Web Series?

Each episode of I am Groot Web Series is approximately 10 minutes long.

Is I am Groot worth watching?

Yes, I am Groot is a fun and visually stunning series that is sure to entertain fans of all ages.