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Watch Vikram Vedha Movie: In the film “Vikram Vedha,” SSP Vikram (played by Saif Ali Khan) is a member of an elite team based in Lucknow. His mission is to capture the feared criminal Vedha (played by Hrithik Roshan) in the city. The movie is available for download in 4K, HD, 1080p, 480p, and 720p.

Vikram, a member of an elite team, is tasked with capturing the criminal Vedha, who is wanted for 16 homicides. Vikram has successfully completed 18 cases but is still trying to find a way to capture Vedha. However, Vedha surrenders to Vikram and tells him a puzzling story, asking him to provide a response. Vikram’s response becomes a crucial part of Vedha’s training. As the pursuit of Vedha continues, a lawyer arrives and helps him escape. In this cat-and-mouse game, Vikram is always one step behind Vedha and must solve the mystery of right and wrong as he tries to apprehend the criminal. To find out how the story ends, you’ll have to watch the movie in theaters.

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Vikram Vedha Movie Download

Initial release:30 September 2022
Budget:175 crores INR
Cinematography:P. S. Vinod
Directed by:Pushkar–Gayathri
Running time:160 minutes
Music by:Sam C. S.

Vikram Vedha Movie Story

This movie is a remake of the 2017 Tamil film “Vikram Vedha.” It is worth noting that the Hindi version was also written by Pushkar and Gayatri, and the story has been faithfully adapted to the screen without any major changes. The filmmakers made the wise decision not to tamper with the story of the original film.

This “masala” (a term used to describe popular, commercial Indian films that include elements of action, drama, romance, and comedy) film “Vikram Vedha” has some flaws that can be overlooked in the name of artistic license. The first half of the film feels a bit long, especially the action sequence in the rain which could have been shortened. The slow-motion shots used to emphasize the characters are excessive. On the other hand, the second half of the film picks up speed and becomes more engaging. It is enjoyable to watch Hrithik and Saif together on screen.

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vikram vedha movie story
Vikram Vedha Full Movie Story

All of the characters in the film “Vikram Vedha” are well-developed and multi-faceted, which makes it easy to connect with them. The film’s strength lies in its exploration of the question of who is the hero and who is the villain, which is left unresolved until the end. A notable moment in the film is when the popular song “Ho Nisar” by Raj Kapoor plays on the radio during an intense action sequence. This adds an interesting layer to the film. The dialogue in “Vikram Vedha” is also well-written and effective.

While Hrithik is handsome and charming, his attempts at speaking Hindi with a UP (Uttar Pradesh) accent are somewhat amusing. Throughout the film, his delivery of dialogue is somewhat awkward. On the other hand, Saif, due to his previous roles, has a good grasp of the UP dialect and seems more natural in his performance.

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Highlights of the Film “Vikram Vedha”

Overall, the film “Vikram Vedha” is a strong adaptation of the original. All of the elements that made the first film successful have been retained in this version. PS Vinod’s cinematography is excellent, capturing the mood and atmosphere of Lucknow and UP perfectly. The film’s score is also a highlight and adds to the overall experience.

The score by Sam CS helps to make the characters feel more believable. In terms of editing, A. Richard Kevin disappoints slightly. While “Liquor” is a great song, its inclusion in the film disrupts the flow and pacing of the story. On the other hand, the action in “Vikram Vedha” is impressive and the stunt team did a great job with their work.

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Reason To Watch Vikram Vedha Movie

Fans of “masala” films should definitely watch “Vikram Vedha.” The story transports you to a modern retelling of the Vikram-Betal legend. This film is a treat for fans of Hrithik. It is fair to say that “Vikram Vedha” fully meets the expectations of a “masala” film. It is a good remake of the original South Indian film and is perfect for a weekend watch with some popcorn.

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Vikram Vedha Movie Download the Telegram

The trailer for the film opens with a powerful monologue. The story of the film is a blend of truth and deception. Hrithik Roshan sits down and tells his story to Saif Ali Khan, leaving him confused. In the film, Hrithik is not asking for a chance, but taking it.

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The film depicts the dreams of a criminal to flee, achieve fame, and see himself as superior to others through the eyes of Hrithik Roshan. Saif Ali Khan plays the role of his enemy, a police officer in a khaki uniform who tries to stop him. The trailer shows the two characters facing off, with Hrithik seemingly ensnaring Saif Ali Khan with his ambiguous statements.

This is an action-packed film in which Hrithik plays a criminal and Saif Ali Khan is a cop. While you may have seen similar movies on the big screen before, the unique aspects of this film will only be revealed upon its release. Radhika Apte also appears in the film, portraying a romance with Saif Ali Khan. Her role is hinted at in the trailer

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Where can I watch Vikram Vedha Hindi movie?

You can now watch Vikram Vedha on Voot Select and Jio Cinema.

Is Vikram Vedha a hit?

The Bollywood action film “Vikram Vedha,” starring Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan, has achieved tremendous success, earning approximately Rs. 10.58 Crore on its opening day. The film has outperformed the previous blockbuster hits “Brahmastra” and “Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2.

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