We can all suffer cases of the “twisties”

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Biles was properly explained by one person IB Readers as “amazing women and athletes”. A 24-year-old woman from Columbus, Ohio, is the most decorated American female gymnast to date and has won 32 World / Olympic medals. Her record success drew attention to Biles at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. According to the NBC, the possible milestones for a champion’s docket are:

  • Set the highest gold medal record ever by a female athlete (9)
  • Set or break the highest ever gold medal record by US women in any sport (8)
  • Set or break the record of individual gymnastics gold medals (7)
  • Break most gold medal records by female gymnasts in a single game (4)
  • Set or break the record for most Olympic medals (7) by US gymnasts and most gold medals (5) by US gymnasts
  • First repeat as Olympic Women’s General Champion since 1968

It’s a lot of pressure on everyone’s shoulders, not to mention 24 years old. And unfortunately, life had other plans for gymnastics.

On Tuesday, August 27, Biles intended to push the vault table out in the Tokyo Olympic team final and perform a 2½ twist vault, but it seemed to freeze in the middle of the vault and could only complete a 1½ twist. She suffered from what gymnasts call “twisty”. It’s a terrifying and dangerous challenge for gymnasts to lose control as they spin in the air.

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Former elite gymnast Sean Melton, who worked on “twist” in his career, said: The Washington Post: “Simply, when you’re doing gymnastics, your life is at stake, and this unknown that you can’t control your body when performing these very dangerous skills. When you add something, it adds an extreme level of stress, and to be honest, it’s scary because you don’t know what will happen. “

After this episode, Biles withdrew from the team’s competition and the next day withdrew from the all-round final, completely trusting his American teammates. They won the silver medal in the team competition and Sunisa Lee won the Olympic gold medal in the women’s gymnastics final.

NS IB A reader who described Biles as “a marvelous woman and an athlete” said: ‘The ability to succeed is a great lesson for us. There is no “I” in the “team”. We will grow together and succeed if everyone’s abilities are recognized. “

I couldn’t agree with that feeling anymore. In these unprecedented times, teamwork was no more important. Whether we’re all working remotely or meeting our teammates only a few times a week, maintaining a strong bond and exercising a culture of compassion and understanding is the key to a successful team. Is very important.

another IB Readers praised Biles for how open she was about her “mental health, fear, and lack of confidence in the perceived world of superheroes and competitive machines.”

This reader emphasizes how insurers take this into account and strive to create a business environment that rewards performance and competitiveness, while at the same time we are all human and all in the case of “twist”. I admitted that I could suffer.

Taking on complex risks and understanding problematic insurance programs is not a life-threatening decision, but relying on teammates, managers, and even industry colleagues, as in the case of elite gymnasts. Is often. Best progress.

There is no “I” in the “team”. Insurance is really a person’s business.

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