2024 Mercedes-Benz GLS Facelift: Secrets Revealed!


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Updated Front Bumper 

The 2024 GLS facelift features a revamped front end, including a reimagined grille and an updated front bumper. 

lMBUX Infotainment System

Inside, the updated model boasts new upholstery color options, a steering wheel equipped with haptic feedback, and the most recent version of the MBUX infotainment system.

New 360-degree camera 

The GLS's notable size is now enhanced with a new 360-degree camera system, designed to ease navigation in confined spaces.

Dedicated Control Tablet 

This model also includes heated seats, electric sunblinds, entertainment screens, and a specialized control tablet.

Mild-hybrid Technology

The 3.0-litre engine, equipped with mild-hybrid technology, provides robust performance, including an additional boost of 20 horsepower.

luxury 7-seater SUV 

In the luxury 7-seater SUV category, the GLS competes with the BMW X7, Volvo XC90, and Land Rover Discovery.

Premium SUV Experience

The updated GLS combines comfort, advanced technology, and dynamic performance to offer a premium SUV experience.

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