5 reasons the 30-30-30 rule can help you lead a healthy life 


By The Anand Market  

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The 30-30-30 rule 

It underscores a comprehensive strategy for achieving weight loss through 3 fundamental aspects; physical activity, diet and mental awareness

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Importance of the Rules 

They are all vital in constructing a balanced and successful approach for a sustainable weight loss regimen.

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30 per cent of Physical Activity 

Focus 30% of your well being on exercise and give at least 30 minutes daily to it. Cardio activities like walking or yoga play important roles

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30 per cent of Nutrition 

30% of your focus should be on your diet & nutrition. Even if you exercise regularly, if you do not have a healthy diet, all your effort goes in vain

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30 per cent on Mental Awareness 

Along with physical activities, mental peace and meditation is equally important. Reduce stress and anxiety. Try seeking help if required

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