6 Gujarati dishes you canʼt miss eating this Navratri


By The Anand Market  

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Sev Khamani 

Made with chana dal and some spices and garnished with sev and pomegranate, it is one of the most enjoyed dishes by Gujaratis.

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It's a dish popular for its smooth and melting flavour made with curd and gram flour. They are generally made in small cylindricles shapes.

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Gol papdi 

Made with wheat flour and garnished with almonds, Gol Papdi is a sweet dish, and Navaratri is incomplete without it.

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The crisp and salty flavour of Fafda is the reason Gujratis are a fan of it. People enjoy this with green chilli and spicy chutney.

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Another sweet dish that Navratri is incomplete without is Biranj. Gujaratis enjoy this dish made with rice, soaked in ghee.

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