7 brands that thrived after their debut


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Skippi Ice Pops 

Skippi's monthly earnings soared from ₹4-5 lakh to a remarkable ₹70 lakh after the sharks' investments

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Before the sharks' investment, monthly sales were ₹1-2 lakhs. With the support of 3 sharks, the brand now averages ₹35 lakhs in monthly sales

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Heart Up My Sleeves 

Pre-Shark Tank India, monthly sales were at ₹1-2 lakhs through local distribution. Now, they've surged to ₹6-7 lakhs with distribution on Platforms

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Namhya Foods 

After securing ₹50 lakh deal for 10% equity, Namhya achieved monthly sales record of ₹40 lakh and is set to launch distribution centers in UAE, UK

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Mother-son duo saw a monthly sales increase from ₹20 lakh to a staggering ₹80 lakh and even hit ₹1 cr post the episode

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Quirky Naari 

After securing ₹35 lakh deal for 15% equity, the brand experienced a slight uptick in monthly sales from ₹3 to ₹5 lakh & began receiving int'l orders

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The Sass Bar 

Since inking a ₹50 lakh deal for 35% equity on Shark Tank India, the company's monthly sales have risen from ₹6 lakh to ₹10-20 lakh

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