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7 Protein-Rich Snacks

1. Spinach kebab

Spinach contains a variety of nutrients. Besides iron, spinach contains a lot of protein. This protein-rich kebab is not only delicious but also healthy. Click here for the recipe.

2. Chicken tikka

Warm, smoky and juicy chicken-who doesn't want it in the winter? Chicken soaked in a pool of spices and roasted in tandoor is everyone's favorite. This masala chicken tikka 

3. Beetroot ticky

All the goodness of one delicious crispy ticky beetroot-can anyone say no to it? Filled with protein along with other nutrients, this Beetroot Ticky recipe is a must-see.

Amaranth, Batua, Parakticki

Imagine nutrients from three superfoods, amaranth, batua, and parak, as well as other health foods such as besan and oatmeal. Don't miss this belt in the snack recipe.

6. Methi Muthia

This special snack made from Jaipur-Methial winter vegetables is everything you need to eat and stay healthy. Steam, not fry. Click here for the recipe.

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