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8 Best Deals on Computer RAM.



Corsair ValueSelect (8GB)

The speed of Corsair ValueSelect 8GB DDR3L laptop memory module is 1,600MHz. It is equipped with DHX cooling technology for highly efficient heat dissipation.

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Adata RAM (8GB)

The Adata 8GB DDR4 laptop memory module is compatible with many Intel processors, including the Kabi Lake and Canon Lake platforms.

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Alcatron Black Unicorn (4GB)

The Alketron Black Unicorn is a 4GB DDR3L laptop memory module compatible with the latest and older Intel platforms.

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Important RAM (8GB)

This critical RAM is an 8GB DDR4 Unbuffer SODIMM memory module. According to the company, it offers 30 percent more bandwidth and up to 40 percent less power consumption


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Kingston Value (8GB)

The speed of this Kingston ValueRAM 8GB DDR4 memory module is 2,400MHz. It is compatible with the latest Intel and AMD platforms.

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Amazon RAM (4GB)

Amazon 4GB DDR3 RAM is a dual-channel non-ECC unbuffled laptop memory module.

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Critical Basics (4GB)

This is a critical basic DDR4 RAM 4GB memory module with a speed of 2,666MHz.

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Dolgix Gold (4GB)

Dolgix Gold DDR4 RAM is a 4GB non-ECC unbuffered memory module. To improve the battery life of your laptop it is claimed to have low power consumption.


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