8 Reasons to Add Beetroot to Your Diet


By The Anand Market  

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Low Calorie And High Nutrients 

Beetroots are high in nutrients such as protein and vitamins and contain lower amounts of calories, which makes them super healthy.

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Fight Inflammation 

Health conditions like obesity and cancer are the result of chronic inflammation. Beetroots have Betalains that have anti-inflammatory properties.

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Reduce High BP 

As it has nitrates, it primarily boosts the body’s nitric oxide level, which results in better blood flow and lower blood pressure.

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Good Digestion 

It's a great source of fibre as 1 cup of beetroot contains 3.4 gms of fibre, which helps in promoting healthy gut bacteria and better digestion.

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Better Athletic Performance 

Beetroots can increase your exercise time by 16% as they contain a few major stamina-boosting properties like nitric oxide.

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Promotes Healthy Pregnancy 

Folate intake during pregnancy can reduce birth defects. 100 gms of Beetroots promotes a 20% increased RDA, which helps in a healthy pregnancy.

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Supports Healthy Bacteria 

It has an amino acid called glutamic acid, which maintains a healthy and happy gut. This acid forms glutamine that boosts our intestine cells.

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Anti-Acne Properties 

Betanins in beetroots have anti-inflammatory elements, which prevents acne and other skin issues.

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