Apple's market value drops by $200 Billion


By The Anand Market  

Apple's Market Woes 

Apple's market value drops by $200 billion amid rising U.S.-China tensions. Reports suggest Beijing is targeting Apple. 

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Stock Price Decline 

Apple's stock price fell by 3% on Thursday. For the week, the stock is down over 5%. 

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iPhone Ban for Chinese Officials 

Beijing reportedly bans Chinese state employees from using iPhones. 

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Wider Ban Scope 

Reports indicate that the ban extends to government institutions and state-owned companies. 

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Economic Impact 

China is Apple's largest international market, accounting for about 20% of its revenues. 

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International Response 

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning refrains from directly commenting on the ban, emphasizing compliance with Chinese laws and regulations. 

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Global Geopolitical Climate 

President Joe Biden's recent executive order reflects growing competition between the world's two largest economies. 

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