Beauty Secrets of Baahubali Actress Anushka Shetty Revealed


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A sensation 

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Anushka Shetty is one of the most popular actresses down south. 

A stunner 

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She is a stunner in real life, but this beauty does make sure that she takes good care of her skin. 

​Her beauty secrets 

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Here's a look at some of her best kept beauty secrets. 

DIY body pack 

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For a flawless skin, Anushka uses a DIY body pack. She mixes lemon juice with gram flour or besan to get rid of excessive tanning. The home made remedy also helps in naturally lightening the skin. 


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She also prefers honey over sugar as it's very good for the skin. 

Keeps herself hydrated 

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The actress makes sure, she drinks at least 6-7 litres of water on a regular basis. 

Works out 

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She works out for that natural glow on the face. 

Homemade hair oil 

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For her lustrous hair, she uses a mix of different hair oils like castor oil, mustard oil and coconut oil. 

Eats clean 

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Anushka tries to avoid junk food and eats clean. 

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